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One step more

Hello again, long time no write. The plans are coming on and we now know that we are not going to Japan, since the Wado-Ryu International Championships has been postponed to 2016. So for now we have decided on the following route:
* Australia
* Lombok/Bali
* The Philippnes (Manila, Boracay, Cebu)
* Vietnam (Hanoi, “down the coast”, Ho Chi Min)
* Cambodia (Phnom Phen)
* Laos (Vientiane)
* Burma / Myanmar (Yangon)
* Thailand
* Malaysia
* Singapore

Not many details yet, but we are surfing around and collecting information about lots of different stuff.

We will get in contact with Kilroy Travel and Ingrid in the beginning of December and tell her our plans and see what she can tell us whats wise / not so wise.
We also did some calculations budget wise today and looks like we are on a good path and just have to keep that standard up.

Be happy now with less, so we can have more in the future 🙂