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It’s kinda strange, but this summer has been so warm and nice, that the temperature have been higher here than on Bali (our first stop). We were so lucky that our good friend Tom took us onboard his boat out on the fjord. It was a great evening with beautiful weather, great company and good food ‘n brew. This little video is the first we have produced with our new GoPro camera. So this is a little test to see how the accompanying software works, and how to embed video from youtube into this site.

Enjoy our little boat trip. πŸ™‚


22 hours until take off!

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3 days to go!!!

Enjoying some time in the park, after running around town in search of Indonesian rupiah, mosquito net, camel back and socks for trekking. This evening Arne is watching his beloved VΓ₯lerenga play and I am driving my brother and his family to Rygge airport and 2 weeks in Italy. Life is good πŸ™‚


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Singel digit

Today marks yet another milestone for us. Today we arrived at the single digit on the countdown to departure. Nine more days in Norway before we are off to Bali. It seems like such a short time since we talked about 300, or even 1 year and 50 days. I hope we are able to wind down and make the trip last “the full year” and not feel like time just flew past in a blur.
We are having a great time living in the city center, here at Ben’s apartment. Katja is finishing work this week, whereas I am just spending lazy days in the sun. Did i mention the 9 days left?

Walk in peace!

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One step closer

As we get closer to the date of departure I slowly realize that it is happening. It is still a bit abstract, the fact that I’m not returning home and to work for more than a year. Today we handed our house to our tenants, which seems like a great couple. Strange though. Someone else will be using my couch, the kitchen and our bed. We are so lucky to borrow my father-in-law’s apartment in down town Oslo until we leave. It is nice, yet unfamiliar to have all kind of noise and people so “close”.
The following days will be spent getting the last few details In order. Especially test-packing for the trip. So far my planned volume far exceeds what’s right. Lonely Planet recommends to lay out what you plan to bring, then take away half. Let it sit for a couple of days…. And remove half again. Then you’re close to the right amount. πŸ™‚
At present time it is 17 days, 3 hours and 20 minutes until departure.
The picture is not mine at all, but has been the background on my iPad for some time. It illustrates quite well how the trip plays out in my head. πŸ˜‰

Be safe!