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Off to teach

Life is all about getting ready for the big adventure, but we have some other small great things going in as well. Right now we are riding the train towards Gol for a seminar with the karate group in Hemsedal.
Katja and I will teach for a couple of days and then some of the students will do their grading. Looking forward to this weekend.

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Renting out the house

It’s been a long time since the last post, but we are still working towards the takeoff at August 1st. In that process we are renting out our town house for the year we will be abroad. The ad for it can be seen here:

Click here to see.

If you know of anyone that needs a place to stay in this periode please guide them to the ad. 🙂

In addition to that, Arne is using a lot of time to get his replacement at work hired. There are several good candidates for the position, and we hope it is done within May month.

We are cleaning out a lot of stuff from sheds, cupboards and so on. There is an incredible amount of stuff that has been gathered over the years. A clean-out is absolutely needed. Some things you just wonder why you didn’t throw away in the first place, other things bring back memories of past times. It’s a fine balance of keeping too much and throwing to much away.The next few days will be used for showing of the house to potential tenants, and deciding how big a storage unit to rent.

I do have butterflies in my belly now. We are closing to the 2 month mark in the countdown. Visas, flights, vaccines, economy, electronics, packing, handing of work in a good way… But as Ingrid told us: “Don’t deprive yourself of the travel-fever.”