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Vaccines – a necessary evil

It has begun. The race towards safty when traveling in foreign countries. I will not enter into the debate of vaccinating kids, but when traveling in jungles in third world countries, (or close enough any way) I find safety in being somewhat imune to local diseases. So today we spent the afternoon with the doctor at “Reiseklinikken” in Oslo. To our knowledge this is the number one place to go for preparation for a trip, or for getting put back together after one. We are lucky enough that we are lifetime covered on Hepatitis A and B since we have taken these before. Which is good, since it usually transfers by blood or sweat, and some martial arts training do tend to bruise or otherwise include bodily fluids. 🙂

VaccineAnyhow; we got three shots each today, and as the picture shows getting coverage against Typhoid, Rabies and Japanese encephalitis (a kind of Dengue fever). We are scheduled to go back twice to “top of” a couple of these during the next four weeks.

We also got some nice info and links from the good doctor.

http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations.aspx – This site (I linked directly to that page) includes a listing of all countries. On each lands page you will find information and a map with their Malaria exposure. Nice to know when planning to travel. It’s recommended to read up on Malaria and how to avoid it!

http://www.janechiodini.co.uk/ is another site we got recommended, but have still to read up on. We are told that this lady gives excellent advices regarding travel, diseases and tips.

Finally we talked about DEET. The component that gives the effect in mosquito repellents. Maximum effect allowed in Norway is 20 %, but the Americans have other regulations. Good thing I’m soon of for a trip to the States.

Be safe.