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Tickets purchased! Bali here we come!


It is official!
We have now purchased our first tickets 🙂 We leave Oslo on Friday 1. August at 16:10. The plane takes us Oslo-Doha, Doha-Singapore and finally Singapore-Bali. We arrive in Bali Saturday 2. August at 19:00. We are now looking for a nice beach hotel where we can chill down for a week or so. Do you know of a nice place? Let us know in a comment below.

Thanks to Ingrid Bertheussen, Travel Advisor | Around the World Specialist, at Kilroy for very good help and lots of inspiring websites to look into. This so exciting!

Tickets to Bali bought at KILROY in Oslo.

Tickets to Bali bought at KILROY in Oslo.

Author: Katja

Born in Oslo, 17.november 1969. Happily married to my wonderful husband Arne Bergersen. We live in a nice little townhouse at Holmlia, just on the outskirts of Oslo.

3 thoughts on “Tickets purchased! Bali here we come!

  1. If you are going to Singapore, you have to check out the restaurant called The Chijmes. http://www.chijmes.com.sg/. It is an old church that is now transformed into several restaurants and some shopping. It is an absolutely beautiful place to chill and enjoy the nice atmosphere. Try out the restaurant on the left side on the top floor serving meat and salad :-).

  2. Weeeeeee… I’m so happy for you guys! Looking forward to follow your blog! 🙂

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