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Another day in paradise

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Katja after tiis mornings 10 sprintsLiving together with Katja is all about the benefits. Among them getting an early start on the day. (You may read that section with or without an irony filter). Today we got up at 5:50 and started the day with some interval runs on the beach during sunrise. It is fascinating to see the world awakening, even with clouds obscuring the actual sunrise. The feeling of a rising sun is one that really brings energy.
After these sprints on the beach it was yoga time. The hotel offers complimentary yoga five days a week. 80 minutes looking like a fool, in the shadow of a man 1,5 times my age. I learned a new phrase today:”Kiss your knees if you can…” Yep, try that with straight legs. I’m about as flexible as an old willow myself, and kept a good distance between knees and lips. Who knows where these knees have been anyway?

Katja is off for a diving course today. She is testing to see if this is something she could like. (Edit) It turns out she does not!
Tomorrow I will join in on the dives as I sorely needs to re-freshen my skills. I have not been diving since Fiji in ’98. This will make for a great test for underwater filming with the GoPro. The internet at the hotel is utterly crap, so I doubt that I’ll be able to upload any videos from this location. Time will show.

And the suckling pig yesterday was fantastic. We passed a warung earlier on the day where we were told they would serve it. It was filled up with Aussies when we got there and we were the last to get anything of the little pig. But man was it good!?! We were told by a cab driver that suckling pigs was earlier reserved for greater events, but that now you could get it every Sunday. I guess that says something about the development of Indonesia.
As does the number for smart phones among the locals. It is more common than not to see people using their smart phones for Facebook and other apps. Easily done while driving a scooter or bicycle. This might explain some of yesterday’s info about traffic accidents.

Be safe, have fun, stay frosty.

The next days dive sites

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  1. I am lucky to be back at work, so I won’t have to get up till 6 o’clock… Looks good, enjoy!

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