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Balinese culture

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It’s hard to do a short post on Balinese culture, but I’m gonna try.
For a long long time ago the Hindus of Indonesia fled to Bali to avoid the rule of the Muslims. They brought with them (naturally) their customs and the Hindus and the local Balinese merges into one big happy religious family. That means that a lot of the local arts and dances is religiously connected. Balinese dance is widely know for its form. It is vibrant, colorful and unique.
(we have some videos of the local dancers and a little surprise for you as well. Right now the internet connection is to slow)
And most visual is maybe the offerings everybody put out. Small baskets containing avert thing form sweets, money, cigarets and flowers. These offerings are meant to please the nice spirits and keep at bay the bad ones.
It is not so much WHAT you offer, but the fact that you DO make an offer that counts. These offerings you will find in front of stores, restaurants and houses. All for receiving good fortune and prosperity.
And all people (Hindi) in Bali is connected to a shrine of some sort. It can by decided by your inheritance, workplace, geography or something else. To the shrine / temple you belong, hyou make offerings as well.

Last but not least is the thing called Karma. As we got it explained it can happen in three dimensions.
– instant Karma
you reap what you sow. Immediate and swift repay for your actions
– Tomorrow or the day before you die.
You don’t know which but it will happen one of these two days
– your bloodline
Your action reflects on your bloodline as well. So your kids have to carry your burden or reap your reward.
This is what keeps a lot of people pretty honest.
We can pretty much rule out that the Police (Polisi) are good Hindi, if we are to believe what we here around here.20140816-141338-51218561.jpg


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  1. Very goodsky. Lots of instant karma. Sf 🙂

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