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Goodby Lombok, Hello Bali (again)

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Green Asri hotel has been a great experience. It is located a little distance from Senggigi center (5 minutes with the local Bemo which costs 4000 IDR or 18.000 for taxi).
It is quiet, very well maintained and with a very friendly staff. They have been very helpful on all occasions. They really live up to their slogan: small, comfortable, friendly. The rooms are large with really comfortable beds. Katja especially knows this as she spent most of yesterday in bed with a bad stomach, she’s better now but skips breakfast this last day here before we head back to Bali, Ubud, by boat.
Senggigi does not have a lot to offer. But the beach there is fantastic and the water crystal clear. We stayed until sunset 2 days but big

Senggigi beach

Senggigi beach

clouds that appeared from nowhere denied us the most spectacular sunset, but we were happy anyways. There are of course a lot of restaurants, massage place and the small stands selling day trips,trekking and so forth. There are also a huge number of “salesmen” popping up everywhere to sell everything from watches, sunglasses, necklaces and bootlegged DVDs. “Hello tourist, I am local” is a standard opening phrase. Luckily they take a no for a no and move on to the next victim.
This morning, Tuesday 19th, we are leaving for Ubud. Here we have rented a house (part if one) for the next six weeks. We have great plans that include a lot of yoga, some Silat training, day trips in the area and mountain “climbing”.
The departure from Green Asri went so far (this is written in Senggigi harbor) without a hitch. We bought our tickets from Senggigi to Padang Bai from the driver who took us from Rinjani to here. We got picked up at the hotel on time, changed our vouchers for tickets without having to leave the car, and are now checked in for the ride and waiting in the “lounge”. The boat is to leave in 30 min and the water looks calm and nice.
We are traveling with “Marina Srikandi fast boat” company. Tickets include pickup at hotel and a ride to our destination Ubud. It costs the same as we paid for the ride from a Bali to Lombok last time, but includes the last ride and seems a lot more organized.
Short update. It is now 9:20 and the boat was supposed to leave at 9 sharp. But sharp is a relative term here in Indonesia. Ref the post on arrival here on Lombok where we asked about the “5 minutes”. There are lots of people here now and even the French are wondering what is happening, and to me that says a lot. 🙂

People just waiting for the boat

People just waiting for the boat

Finally. An hour and a half late we leave Lombok behind us and once again are destined for Bali. The ride was smooth with no incidents. What we didn’t know in advance was that the weather the last few days have kept all fast boats in harbor. Today was the first they started up again. Well, everyone like to feel like a Guinea pig. 🙂
Ashore we got put on a bus with 7 others going to Ubud. Estimated time is two hours. We’ll just have to take it as it comes.
And if course their estimated time is way off the chart. In one hour and fifteen minutes are we at Coco supermarket. We have called Sak Ming who will pick us up and take us to the house. This is running smoothly even though we are a bit late.

Ubud is busy! We were here in 2010, but it seems a lot has happened here since then. It is said that Ubud has grown much it has taken over some of the neighboring villages. And from where I’m now sitting on one of the backpacks and looking at the city, it makes sense. It really looks like a town. So much more than any of the other places we visited so far.

Arne eats spicy food

Arne eats spicy food

After a quick round in the house with Greg, we went out to dinner at a local warung. And I mean local. With 3 tables, and spices like you need to be local to handle (or like Katja 🙂 ). Arne struggled a bit with his meal.

And it is not the picture that are out of focus, it’s Arne that fights the big vibrations.

After this we walked the town. We did both main streets and kept on walking for about 3 1/2 hours. We went to the outskirts of the Monkey Forest, and found lots of monkeys. There is a national park here for the preservation of monkeys. The problem with the monkeys are that they eat whatever they can get their hands on. When possibility arises they are no better than rats. They seem to eat    e v e r y t h i n g! And in normal cities where cats fights dogs, here it’s Monkey vs. Dog. Should have gotten that one on video. But beside the “rat” thing, the monkeys are quite cool. They swoop around like monkeys should, climbing up and down, jumping from roof to trees and vice versa. And if you don’t get to close, they look sweet and innocent. But their fangs are not a joke…

Sweet looking monkey

Sweet looking monkey

Closing this post I can inform our faithful readers (for you are faithful while we are away, right?) that we are going to Yoga Barn to morrow morning for the first class at 07:00 – 08:30. It gonna be good, and we are both thrilled that the Yoga part of the Bali tour is starting.

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  1. Det er så morsomt å følge dere, og lese om alt det rare og kule dere opplever! Stor klem ❤

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