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Roosters, hens, cats and dogs

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It started with stray dogs and cats in Sanur. In Lombok the roosters and hens had the leading role, they were everywhere 🙂 Running freely around all over the place. Making rooster and hen sounds at all hours and “bobbing” around digging into everything they could find. In Jl. Hanoman today (the main street of Ubud) 3 hens on the loose made the traffic even more chaotic than it already is. All this makes me wonder:

1) Do roosters and hens, like cats and dogs, know where they live?
2) Say if a man at one time has bought 5 hens and 1 rooster, is he then obligated to wait for “his” own decides to drop by, or can he take (in the meaning slaughter) any 6 that tags along? IMG_0010.JPG



Author: Katja

Born in Oslo, 17.november 1969. Happily married to my wonderful husband Arne Bergersen. We live in a nice little townhouse at Holmlia, just on the outskirts of Oslo.

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