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Back @ Tunjung Mas Bungalows

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Katja with the welcome drink

Katja with the welcome drink

This morning we took our belongings and moved out if Savira home stay. It has been a pleasant experience, but there are some things Tunjung Mas offer that’s gonna be nice.



For once it’s quiet at the new hotel. No roosters starting their calls at 3:30. No dogs going at it from 22:00-03:29. So sleep is gonna be a whole lot better the next 14 nights. That is how long we have left in Ubud before moving on. And they got a tv with HDMI in the room. That gives us the possibilities to watch a movie or some tv episodes. The room is also equipped with a fridge. That gives us the opportunity to have milk and yoghurt for the lunch or breakfast’s we do in the room. Ahhh, and the luxury of periodically drinking cold water and not luke warm.

After moving we did Power yoga with Bex. My wrists are sore from all the poses, my hips begs for mercy at every stretch and my back is stiff until it gets warm. But I crawl out if bed, get in to the training outfit and roll out the mat. You never know when you will do your next downward facing dog, this might be your last…

Now it’s lunch time and we are waiting for our pasta to arrive. Getting our fill of carbs is gonna be just right. Then it’s pool time until another session with Bex at 16:00. Oh, and not to forget. I did my haircut again today. To Katja’s dismay I have now done this twice since we arrived here, while she has had none. Poor baby. 😉

The pool time was just excellent. I did something I have not done since leaving Norway: i sat down and just listened to music. The choice was Bon Jovi and the album Lost Highway. I had no idea how much I have missed this. Just layin’ by the pool and listen to music. It was like balm on my soul. A soul that already is relaxed, in balance and happy.

Then there were yoga. A class of Vinyasa flow for 90 minutes. One of the teachers once said something like:

Being on the edge at every pose and posture is what brings you forward in you training. But sometimes it is good to step back from the edge and just admire the view for a bit.

I feel that describes today’s last session for me. A nice stretching session without going to the extremes in every pose. I have tight enough hamstrings anyway, so I am far from the edge when I feel the pain in my stretching. I don’t even know if I’m on the plateau where the edge is…

We ended the day by visiting our local warung. Today we got served more stuff we have no idea what is, and “fiss”. I’m probably gonna do a post on the topic of confusion around the problems of F vs P and R vs L, but that’s for another night. We got served fiss, and everybody understands it is fish. Trying to get an answer to “what kind of fiss” did not really result in anything but “local!” and a Big smile. The fish tasted good, but had so many bones I could’ve built a boat. Unfortunately I did not get that information before the first spoonful was in, and chewed 1,5 times. “I have a bone to pick with you”, just got a personal meaning.
After a mouth cleaning that does not favor pictures nor film, did we chat a little with the “chef” and one other guy who we don’t know why is

The nice guy, playing one of the little guitars

The nice guy, playing one of the little guitars

there. He really dosen’t do anything, but is always nice and friendly. And I put chef in quotes as there probably is a more suitable word to present his cooking skills. We have earlier mentioned that there are a lot of small guitars on the wall there. We asked if the chef played, but he just smiled and pointed at the nice guy (that we still don’t know what’s doing there). But he plays some guitar, though preferably the normal sized ones, and sing a little. So we got a little intimate concert with a quality that I could match. Those who now my guitar playing skills now that is not a boost for the other guy. My four chords nachspiel versions of a few songs is but all I can muster. So I played a couple also. And then the chef was really impressed. He wanted us to take a picture with him and me, and he even borrowed the guitar from the the nice guy to have one for the photo. As you can see, we’re having a blast. There is a photo shop here in the street where we live. I’m thinking of making a print of it and ask it to be placed on his wall. How cool would that be? Being made (temporarily) immoartilized in a local warung in Ubud. Just has to be done. 🙂

The Chef and me

The Chef and I

And it is fun to go “Where everybody knows your name” as they sing in the theme song for “Cheers”. To be recognized and greeted is a very nice feeling. Above language and social status – just greeting people you meet, show recognition when appropriate and using names whenever possible. Give it a go, for remember:”If nothing ever changes, then nothing ever changes!”

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