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Islands in the stream

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Wednesday morning started with breakfast at Le Pirat. As they serve breakfast from 7:30, and that we needs to be on the road at that time did not stop us.

We had talked to August, the manager, yesterday about our need to be on the road at 7:30 to get to the yoga shack in time for the morning session. They were preparing the breakfast buffet as we say there waiting, but they produced a plate of egg and bacon for the both of us, just to be nice. That made us just in time for departure at 7:30 and we set the course back to Lembongan. It is
Much easier to do that stretch of road in daylight and we arrived to the yoga 10 minutes before class.
We had a nice and easy morning stretching yoga. No hard moves and no power.

Yoga pose @ the beach.

Yoga pose @ the beach.

We stopped at the Eco Deli around the corner. It’s a “homemade” place where we can confirm the sell delicious brownies along with tea or coffee. We also bought our new water bottle here. A “Bottle for earth” to reduce the number of plastic bottles we run through each day. Bali runs through 30.000.000 bottles of water a month. That’s a huge number, and there is little to no recycling around here. Think of that plastic waste. Let’s try to do a little to reduce that. Well worth a thought where ever you are. Bring a bag or net to the store to avoid to buy needless plastic bag for your groceries. The world will thank you, even though no one else does.

Eco deli

Eco deli

We then plotted a course for the Mangrove forrest. You can basically drive around the island in an hour, had the roads run all the way around. But the mangrove keeps that from happening. We ended on the outermost warung and decided for lunch there. We met a couple who just finished up their meal. The recommended the fish and we started taking. She was originally from Hong Kong, of him we’re not sure, and they lived now in Kuala Lumpur. We talked for about half an hour and exchanged travelers tip. Once again did we get useful tips for our future destinations.
After a fish meal that so far is on of the best on this trip we went to book tomorrow’s snorkeling trip. We are now booked for a three point tour. Hopefully we’ll see mantas, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to give to do this with Katja instead of going on a dive trip by myself. I guess there will be other places where I’ll choose the diving.
We also drove around to find a nice straight patch of road to do some driving training with Katja. After the motorbike incident she has not been driving. There might come a time where we need to both drive so we are picking it up again. This time it went much better and she drove to and back without incident. Some kids where an annoyance (just cute kids who likes to talk to her, but they did not know they where bothering a stressed out trainee), but other than that we have no equally number of drives that ended well and bad. One more on the good side and we will be 66/33 and growing.
We then sought out a couple of the beaches. They look nice but the water is really heavy around here. We’re talking killer surfs and that is not good for swimmers. The pictures here are from “Dream beach” and the area just outside called “The Devils Tear”. It was massive to watch the waves crash into the rocks like that. The pictures seldom do stuff like this justice, but we post some anyway.

From there we headed back to the beach box. Just to find that the wheetbix we had put up in a plastic bag on a hook on the wall were overrun by ants. In a small room like this, that’s an issue. So I went to work with wet toilet paper to fight of the hoards. With limited success I got rid of some, but the spray we got in the reception is our hope for continued peace and quiet in the room. Presently we are by the pool sipping cocktails and letting the spray work it’s magic.
We will eat at the bar tonight and make an early night of it. Snorkeling is scheduled with meeting time at 8:15 over at Lembongan.

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