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Coral bay, a snorkeling paradise

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When you go for snorkeling there is a few things you want: easy access, hot water and something nice to look at. Coral bay delivered on all accounts.
We woke up to a beautiful day this Thursday. The sun is shining from a cloudless sky and the water is bright green and blue. We spend some time after breakfast to get se things (like the blog) in order before we head down to the beach.

We’ve gotten some snorkeling advice before moving up to Coral Bay. There is a current in the bay that can be utilized effectively when snorkeling. We talked to the guy in the reception and got more details. By moving all the way up the beach, past the rocks and to the 5 knots sign you will get the most out of the current back towards the beach just outside the resort.
We grabbed our snorkeling gear and headed down to the beach. We set out towards the 5 knot sign and quickly understood what he meant by “passed the rocks”. At one point on the walk you’ll have to get out into the water and move past the rocks that hangs out over the water. We got up to the sign and started out in the water.
The corals in Coral Bay is very easy accessible. It’s a short walk out from the beach before the sea floor drops and there it is. So we walked about half way out to the drop and put on masks and fins. The water was about 20-22 degrees, I guess. Not overly warm, but no freezing either.
Katja’s snorkeling consists of something like this:
– much hassle and grunting while getting the mask on
– paddling a couple of meters with breathing like a sprinter
– surfacing and taking of the mask to breath normally
– repeat from first bullet
Being the most patient man in history I live good with this.
So we entered the current and started to drift down towards our end of the beach. Make your own vivd images here about the mask on / mask of splashing in the water. We slowly progress down over the corals at this point. Then, when we are at an exceptional long stretch between the mask on/off I want to see if I can scare some fish and make them scatter. We are over a big school of fish and I make a trumpet-ish sound in the snorkel to try to scatter them. The fish don’t move at all. But Katja, oh damn! I got a reaction from her as she though the sound was from an attacking sea monster. If your vivd imagery of mask on/off now multiplies with 10 I guess we’re almost at the situation we’ve got. This includes Katja leaning backwards in the surface with the snorkel still in her mouth. This is not recommended as you then breath in salt water. This caused for even more fuzz and chaos, and I started to laugh. Hard.
Getting everything sorted out took a few minutes. Including the back pedaling I had to do to get find Katja’s snorkel that had fallen off during this incident. But we got it all together and continued down along the beach.
I did not remember to pack the Gopro for this trip, how is that possible? It means there are no pictures from under water in this post. But I can say that the corals are not that colorful but have amazing shapes. A lot of big rose petals looking corals where great to look at, and there were a lot of different fish. We saw bright blue, purple, yellow and black, white to the look of Albinos and a sort of rays. Great fun.

We had been in the water for 75 minutes when we got up. That was long enough to get really really cold. We got back to the room and took a loooong shower each to regain some warmth. Then it was lunch time, before we headed back to the beach.
The beach is wonderful and we spent the whole afternoon there. Reading, dozing of, and we did another little round of snorkeling. The sun continued to shine from the cloudless sky and we got back some of the color we’ve lost since Bali.
The wind was quite hefty and we were covered in sand when we at last decided to go back to the room.

We made another great and simple dinner with steaks and greens and spent the evening relaxing before packing up our stuff. We got to bed early as we would rise at 4:30 to start the trip back to Perth.

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