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Manila Monday

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We woke up this morning to find that Katja has got a real cold. The pills are still being taken? But do they help?

I don’t think we have slept this long on this trip before. As Katja has twisted and turned for part of the night she slept until 9:30 before waking up. I’ve spent the morning reading and we soon concluded that Katja needs rest and remedies for the cold, not a big day out.

One cold ridden Katja

One cold ridden Katja

We went to the supermarket to see if they had cinnamon and salt to make the oatmeal porridge better. When we got out in the hallway Katja spotted an open door at the end of the corridor. As curiosity killed the cat, she walked down and peek in. Better view and more light. So we asked if we could move to that room, which was granted. Now we wait for the room to be available and cleaned so we can pack all our stuff (again) and carry it down the hallway.

Previous View

Previous view

View from the new room

View from the new room

After having porridge Katja went to the cafe in the hotel to get us coffee. That was almost a waist of time. She came back and when I opened the door they were two in the hallway. Of course some waiter was carrying the coffee for her. The coffee itself was bad and we are planning to replenish our emery elsewhere. We have not had Starbucks coffee in 5-6 years so I guess we’ll try to get a hold of that.
The rest of the morning was spent working on the computer to finish up all the blogposts and handling the pictures taken so far.
Katja is not getting any worse during the day, and that is good. We got an invitation from Gerald to join in training at 18-20 this evening. We have so far declined at we think Katja needs to be better and not sweating in an air conditioned hotel (as is tonight’s venue).
We got out at around 15:00 to get some lunch. In out building is a cafe called Fresh healthy cafe. We went there and got a great salad and good juice. Katja was happy and as we all now know: “Happy wife, happy life”.

Fresh and healthy. It was good, but expensive

Fresh and healthy. It was good, but expensive

We asked in the reception of our hotel about Starbucks and luckily we are just a corner away from one. I am presently sitting outside of Starbucks at Century mall and enjoying a Venti Caffe Latte. The mall is high class and carries big brand names. It’s nothing like the place we went to when we were last in Manila. They also promote that they have a cinema here so who knows, maybe we’ll do a movie one of these days.

It's not so easy to get people pronouncing my name right, nor write it right

It’s not so easy to get people pronouncing my name right, nor write it right

When we got back the room was ready and we moved down the hall. The view is quite better and the living room is much brighter. We live in a small suite just now, I didn’t mention that in yesterday’s post. We are getting very skilled at using Booking.com, hotels.com, wotif.com and other sites to find special deals and bargains for hotels and flights. We pay less for this room than a lot of the other places we’ve stayed.
Right outside the hotel is a little market. We are in a safe and nice part of Manila and went outside for dinner. We decided to check out the market first. I’m really glad we did. It included a food market where we bought dinner. Lots of different stalls to choose food from. As I waited for mine to be grilled I asked about one of the other dishes displayed. “Chicken intestines”. OK, maybe another time. There were a lot of people eating it at the tables so I guess it’s both safe and delicious, but I have to be in the right mood to do it.

We have made no plans for tomorrow as we continue to heal Katja’s cold. Hopefully we’ll take a midday tour of Makati.

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