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Ruby Friday

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Nice and calm before the storm hits, on several levels. The morning started out fine and slow with a nice breakfast. Then it all moved rather fast.

When we told the personnel at the hotel we were leaving ahead of Ruby they called the ferry company and booked us on the 10:30 ferry. So far all is well, but then then the ferry company called back and said they cancelled the 10:30. Last boat out is 9:15. We got that message at 9:13. Thank god nothing is on time in this country.

Since Cydel has been so nice as to look after the big bags, we are traveling very light. We paid our bill and got on the boat with James and got shipped to the ferry. Katja needed to get a picture with the ladies that made all the wrist bands, and almost missed the boat.

Wrist band making ladies

Wrist band making ladies

As the pictures show a lot of people are leaving here on this boat. We got our name on the manifest and paid our tickets, and boarded the boat as the last two. A reference to Noah’s ark right there.


Lots of people getting of the island


We got our name on the list, paid our fees and got on the boat.

Looking back to the island we just left the weather looks nice and cozy. Looking the way we’re heading shows a darker sky indeed. Hopefully we’ll get across without any incident. At least there is no-one here looking into a hole on the floor.

Uneventful trip

Uneventful trip

The trip was uneventful and we arrived in Batangas without anyone getting sick or otherwise in trouble. Cydel came to pick us up after a little wait. She is just a wonderful human being who’s taken so good care of us. Thank you so much. While we sat waiting we were offered all kind of transportation services. At one point I must have been extraordinary clear in my rejection, as Katja wondered just what I said to the guy. He just shrank away from me, she said. We try our best to treat everyone nice and politely, but there is a limit to my patience. When the thirteenth character asks the same question in just one minute I might get a little snappy.
When Cydel arrived we went out for lunch at “The other place”.

Yup, that’s what it’s called. We had beef sticks and rice. The beef sticks were not nearly as good as Mrs. Rodel’s, but sufficient for quenching our hunger. From there we moved to the bus station and got onboard the bus to Manila. This time I’m in the middle seat all the way in the back.

Suddenly we’re hustled off the bus. We’ve not been paying attention and we’re already in Makati. We get out and get help from a little local guy to catch a cab. We pay him a few pesos for his “trouble” and go on our merry way. Our Taxi driver tells us the port in Manila is closed awaiting Ruby, and we’re more and more happy we left Puerto Galera.
We arrive at what we think is the hotel address only to find Google map is wrong once in a while. Not to long a walk though and we’re upgraded when we check in. As previously written we’re getting better and better at finding deals online. This one had a one room with cooking facilities and a rather large room. We ended with a suite with a big living room, a really large bedroom and not to mention the two fully equipped bathrooms. Yay. To bad we’re only here for a night.

We walk over to Glorietta for some viewing and grocery shopping. On the way I come across an electronics store. My mouth waters just by thinking of those large UHD tv’s. Just as back home the tv’s are the main element in the store together with mobile phones, but it’s clearly an upper class here who can afford such extravaganza.

X-mas at Glorietta

X-mas at Glorietta

We bought some steaks and stuff and made dinner in the room just enjoying the luxury. We booked the next few days also and got a good deal on a one room studio with a washer and dryer. It’s only five hundred metres down the road from where we’re at now, so moving is gonna be easy tomorrow.
Oh, the bedroom was equipped with a duvet. Something Katja’s been dreaming of in many an air conditioned room. We put the air condition to its lowest and went to bed. We hadn’t been in bed for long before we heard a lot of noise. We looked out of the widows and could see reflection of fireworks in the neighbouring houses. It was on the wrong side of the house for our view but it was surely intense and lasted for about ten minutes. When all was quiet we drifted back of to sleep.

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.

– Frank Lane

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