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Slow Sunday

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We’ve normally been up and about rather early in the mornings, but what happen today?

We had placed yoga on the map for 9:30 this morning. A good way to start the day with some stretching and exercise, but we didn’t wake until 9:25. Hmm, this is the longest we’ve slept in since we left home.
We tumble out of bed make breakfast and do a little read up on our next stop, Myanmar. We will spend a limited number of days there and need to plan ahead. Shall we visit four or five sites there? In what order is our best to visit them?
We plan our lunch at Satinka and head to that part part of town. After our last stay in Manila we’re getting to know the Makati area and can take new routes and still end up at the right spot. Satinka delivered as usual and we enjoyed a nice meal.
From there we set our course towards Bliss yoga for an afternoon session of Gentle flow. It was gentle indeed, but it’s a long time since I’ve done yoga so it’s suites me fine. From there we look for a coffee place to bring a takeaway cup back home but this is the Business area and a lot of places are closed on Sundays. Well well, guess we can survive without, but then it strikes us: our new favorite restaurant probably serves coffee. And indeed it does. Plantation makes excellent coffee.
We shower and change while enjoying our nectar (coffee) before heading back down to Plantation again for dinner.
As we study the menu we both look up at the same time and exclaim:”they have crispy pata here!” So it’s decided, we’ll have crispy pata and a couple of beers for dinner.

As we had upstairs again we make sure to set the alarm for tomorrow morning. As we overslept for yoga today, we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again tomorrow.

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