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25.12.14 Christmas day

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Another slow morning ended with a great breakfast. Damn, this luxury is messing with my mind!
This is by far the must luxurious stay we’ve had on this trip. Luckily we have a friend in Hong Kong that has offered us to borrow his apartment, so the transition is not immediately down to previous level. HF is living in Hong Kong, and has been for a while, and has graciously offered up his apartment for us. We’re looking forward to stay there next.
We spend an hour by the pool getting some different writing done before heading out towards the Petronas towers again.
We go into a kind of a sky walk, in lack of better words. The walkway is an elevated sidewalk that it’s air conditioned and that takes us from the shopping center across from our hotel all the way to the center connected to the towers.
We got there with ten minutes to spare and I wrote this text before we had to line up. We are divided into groups and get a security briefing before we’re allowed into the elevator.

Up at the forty first floor is the bridge between the two towers. We spent ten minutes here enjoying the view and the feeling of being suspended. Next stop was eighty sixth floor with a phenomenal view of the city. It’s so high you don’t really get the understanding of it. They have also made some cool presentations, both analog and digital, there to make it more interesting to learn the details of the towers.

After the tower visit we stopped at Johnny Rocket and had burgers. Good burgers, lousy service. Like, type one level service!

From there back to the hotel to see if we could find a post office to send some stuff back home. No luck unfortunately as it’s closed during the holidays. We spent a few hours in the room before heading out to the electronics market.
The maker at Low Yat is too much. Holy mobile! It’s store upon store of consumer electronics and that equals ninety percent mobiles. New, old, big, small, inclusive and not inclusive, waterproof or shock proof. Take your pick. We ended up buying a filter for the GoPro camera to correct the underwater colors. Then we left, we thought…
Suddenly it’s a massive wall of sound hitting us. A drummer band is inside the building hammering away on their drums eight or nine of them, man that was loud. They were decent enough, but the volume would have been better outdoor.

We agreed on dinner on the way back and ebbed up on as Chinese restaurant in the market street. It is full of people, which bodes well for quality and price. The food is ok, but not spectacular in any way.

Kuala Lumpur is bustling when the sun goes down and there are lots and lots of people around. We move towards the hotel and then the rain comes down. As it falls the street vendors change their products and the streets are filled with people seeking and selling umbrellas. We can take a little rain and get back to the hotel and move into bed. Another early rise tomorrow as we need to be in the taxi by 5:30.
We end the night by ordering room service with fruits and yogurt for 5:00 tomorrow.

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