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27.12.14 Hong Kong Saturday

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We wake at 6:30 and turn around and start snoring again. Get up at 9:30 and feel a helluva lot better.
I will not go into details, but can confirm I’m better, but not quite finished with the loose belly. It’s good enough to want eggs and bacon for breakfast, and that is a good sign.
Katja makes her oatmeal while I fry my bacon. Oh heavenly smell.
After breakfast we check out movie theaters to find the the Hobbit-part three. A quick Google of the best cinemas in Hong Kong lead us to Pacific Place as a good alternative.

To get to Hong Kong island from Discovery Bay where we live is most easily done by ferry. We walk to the ferry terminal to get a bit of exercise. The octopus card we bought yesterday works everywhere and we use it to pay for the ferry ride.

The ride over to Hong Kong island takes about 25 minutes. Smooth sailing and even though it’s foggy we get a good view of the skyline.

Entering Hong Kong from the pier takes you straight into a mall. When it’s as cold as it is now, there’s no complaints to be had from me.
We move to the cinema first to make sure we get tickets and walk through malls, overpasses and streets. The buildings are tall and the view impressive.

We make it to the Pacific Place mall, find the cinema and get tickets. We go to the nice food court in the basement and buy lunch. I’m not all good in the belly yet, but no food kills all my energy so I have to try to eat something. Katja gets a salad and I get a sandwich.

After lunch it’s time to go back to the cinema and Peter Jackson delivers once again. Great movie. But freezing cold in the movie theater. We make it thru by putting on all the clothes we have in the backpack.
Out from the mall we took some strange looking trams toward the pier. The look like narrow versions of the English double decker bus. Cheap to ride and easy to know where it’s going. A nice ride through the sunset.
We get back to the ferry and wait for it for a while. I write the blog and we’re slowly but steadily getting more up to date with the publishing. We’re now dating each post as there are people who think we publish the same date as it is written. To avoid unintentionally fooling people we hope that will help.
Back at the apartment we just relax and get some left over chicken to eat. I look forward to the day my stomach once again is working at full speed.

What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.
– Charles Baudelaire



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