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31.12.14 New years eve

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After a slow morning the girls dress nicely and walk out in Discovery Bay. I stay home and work on the web.

Unfair to say it’s a slow morning, as Katja has been to the top of the mountain ridge on the island before breakfast. Hardly fair of me to call that slow…

Then they get dressed and move out for a good time.

I get rewarded with a great lunch with Sushi, bacon, raisin bread and more and am quite happy. After this meal I do a power nap and are getting ready for the celebration.

We Skype with our parents and wish them a happy New year and then dress in our best to go into town. As it’s cold here in the evening it means we dress in whatever we have with long sleeves our legs.

Bus to the ferry, ferry to the island and behold: A party place! We have been wondering where we should go to see the midnight firework. All the guidebooks and Web pages we’ve read say you have to be super early to secure a spot. On the roof of our ferry pier is a little bar for the night and we buy tickets to that location. The ticket gives you two drinks and it was reasonably priced.
With that secured we walked into the city. Both Mette and I have a mission, but nothing that we can shared here, yet. We walked around looking at the city, stopping at a Korean (!) place for drinks and finally we started to look for a place to have dinner.

We looked at a lot of places and the best looking ones were all reserved, of course. Then we stumbled onto a tiny Chinese restaurant as some people came out.”Go in”, the man said. “We’ve been coming here for four years now. It’s the best Chinese around.”
We did and had a blast. The waiter was a fabulous little lady who really helped us make a great meal. We all wanted the barbequed duck in pancakes, but she had other ideas. “Better order different dishes and not get boring”, she said. She guided us through the menu and when we almost ordered two chicken dishes she was there again:”No, already have chicken. Better with vegetables our seafood. Maybe squid? ”

No squid for us but we ended with a five course meal that was delicious. Their signature chili chicken was served on a bed of dried chili. Ronni, this would have been heaven for you! It was spicy, but the good kind of spicy. The one that burns the lips, heat the mouth and taste great. It all went very well with Tsingtao beer.
The restaurant holds five tables and is a real gem in the streets of the Hong Kong. Peking Cuisine in Elgin street. Give it a visit if your around.
After dinner we moved through the streets towards the harbour again. The party place opened at 21:30 and we thought it might get real crowded. Still, walking around in the city gave a lesser impression that this is a big thing. There were party people all over, but a lot just went about as usual. Even when we came down to the harbour was it less people than we expected. We passed some who had positioned themselves for the firework, but nothing like the crowded streets we had imagined.
At the party place we got to share a table with a married couple of guys from Holland. Funny guys who we had a great laugh with. Then suddenly we were at the countdown. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
There were flutes and screams and cheers and hooray’s. And then the firework started.

We watched, and awwwed and enjoyed it and took more photos, and another beer. At 01:00 the boat back to Discovery bay left and we were securely onboard. A bit of a personal family drama in a British family onboard, but other than that it all went well. Back home in the apartment we wrote on Facebook and greeted friends around the world.

Another year is on. May your best from 2014 be the worst of your 2015.

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