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03.01.15 Breakfast in Hong Kong – Dinner in Hue

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Up up and away! Katja and I take a morning walk up in the “mountains” in Discovery Bayma beautiful view on a beautiful day.
We spend about a hour and a half up and down the side of the mountain and are rewarded with a spectacular view to both sides of Lantau island. We meet both joggers (kudos to them) and families climbing the hillside.
Back down again we start packing and cleaning out the apartment.

We vacuum, wash and do the laundry. The last wash in the machine takes just five minutes to long to catch the bus we planned, but it turned out we have plenty of time. A big thanks to HF for letting us borrow his apartement during our stay. We had a blast and DB is really cool.
A short bus ride to the airport and a smooth check in. It’s our first flight with Vietnam airlines and the check in was very smooth. Immigration check us out and we w were at the gate. After the Yangon incident we’re getting pretty good at checking the gate info.

First stop Hanoi and a the hour wait. We get in on the international airport and met the best immigration yet. No queue, lots of open counters, nice officers and we were through in a breeze. We did a visa on arrival for fifteen days and all we needed was a ticket out within that number of days.
This terminal was just one year old and nice and shiny. Manual labor is cheap around here and I have never seen so many people involved in maintenance anywhere else. Wherever I looked someone was polishing washing or fixing something.
Then it was shuttle bus to the old terminal that now serves as the domestic terminal. Another smooth check in where we walked straight to the counter and got processed. A little delay, unfortunately, so we got in the air about forty minutes late.

Just over an hours flight and where it was ok to use the iPad throughout the whole flight we only needed to put the seat in the upright position… Yeah, you probably know the drill . But we did not have to turn off electronic equipment. And behold: The pilot managed to land! Guess it’s gonna happen in Europe sooner or later.
We had tried to get in touch with the hotel to organize pickup, but to no avail. We hailed a cab and ran by meter to the hotel. What a relief to meet airport taxi driver that don’t try to hustle you.

After check in we basically turned around from the room and went for dinner. We found a nice little Restaurant and got us some delicious fresh spring rolls, noodle soup and fried rice, and not to mention a Tiger beer. We had a good time at dinner and slowly walked back to the hotel. It’s quite clear we’re in tourist territory now, as there are hawkers and people trying to pull you into bars with promises of “fun and cheap drinks”.

The temperature is much nicer than in Hong Kong though. The forecast for tomorrow is sun and blue sky.

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