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06.01.15 Pool day

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The hotel has a pool. It’s hot here. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the math on that one.
We’ve been craving the warmth and the possibility to just relax in the sun for a while. Now that it’s here we spent the better part of the day pool side.

After lunch we split up and Katja and Mette rolled over to get colour on the other side, I went to the room to cool down and try to stop the cold brewing in my chest. It didn’t really work all that well, unfortunately.
The girls go to town while I stay in bed. They go to tailors to get dresses made and generally do that kind of store browsing I’m lucky to escape.

Upon return we all get ready for dinner. We have gotten several tips about a place called Bale Well and head there. It’s supposed to be among the better places to eat, but still being cheap.

After a little walk in the back streets of Hoi An we get there and try to order. Turns out there is only one set menu to be had. Then again, you will not need anything else. The place is recommended by Lonely Planet that makes for a possible laziness in the staff, but they head it up reasonably well. The prize was ok, so all in all we’re happy. The waitress said it will rain tomorrow. ( We should have listened to that)

Back from dinner we walked in the streets of Hoi An which are really nice. It’s almost as being back in Europe in some small Italian village. There are lots of shops here and a variety in pressure when you enter. Some are basically aggressive, others are completely laid back. I do actually think the latter makes better business.
We go to bed as we’ll get up at 4:30 to go to My Son, a temple collection, for sunrise.

Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

– Helen Keller

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