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10.01.15 Train time

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We have all morning before we need to be at the train station. We have a plan to visit the Cham museum. Cham is one of the fifty four ethnicities that make up the people in Vietnam.
We got a surprisingly good breakfast at the hotel, but did one major mistake – we did not specify HOT coffee. That makes the morning coffee experience less than satisfying. Ice coffee is not real coffee in my book.

We checked out and left the bags at the hotel and took a taxi to the museum. The museum had audio guides for rent and that made the visit so much more enjoyable. Punching in a number for the specific object and getting the story of it. It’s quite amazing some of the stone work the Vietnamese did back in the days. Da Nang really isn’t a city to visit compared to other cities in the country, but this museum was really worth the detour.

We got a good lunch and a great cup of coffee at a place called Bread of life. Another project run by people with hearing impairment. We communicated with the waiters by sign, lip reading and written notes. Good food, great coffee and a mean cinnamon roll.

Taxi to the hotel, pick up baggage and then to the railway station. We stay waiting a bit on the station and then board the train. We had gotten tickets for the best “seats” the ‘soft sleeper’ beds on the night train (despite they said it was sold out). Define soft please…
We found our coach and the cabin with the bunk beds. An elderly Vietnamese lady with no English language was already there. The beds were hard as anything I have slept on this far. We stowed away the luggage and mostly stood out in the passageway to look at the view. The train moves back over the pass we drove over to get here. It’s not running equally high in the mountainside, but the view is great.

When the best part of the tour is done it’s only 13 hours left to Hanoi. We did a little power nap and went to get something to eat. It was a good restaurant coach, but it was also the designated smoking coach. Who thought that was a good idea?

Back in the cabin it wasn’t really that much to do but lay in bed and get entertained by the iPad. After enough episodes of a tv show it was nighty night. The train will be in Hanoi at 05:30 so we’ll not sleep in tomorrow.

Penny: Sheldon, that pocket watch is ridiculous.
Sheldon Cooper: Nonsense. I look like a train conductor.

The Big Bang Theory


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