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20.01.15 “I can see my house from here!”

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A quote from a movie I can’t remember the name of. Still, I guess it’ll be true later today when we go to “Flights of the Gibbons”, zip-line and skybrige experience. First it’s about time to get running again.
We start this morning with a sunrise run and start with a warm up before doing some interval training. Then it’s back to the hotel for some breakfast and chill time before we get picked up.
I do have butterflies in my stomach. Heights and going over the edge seems like a bad combination. I guess there is only one way to find out, right?
A tuk-tuk it’s ready to go when we are and we drive for almost thirty minutes into the Angkor park. When we’re almost there our driver stops and points to a house on the side of the road.”Toilet!”, he exclaim.  I think it’s a good idea to empty it all before moving forward and upwards.
We get taken further in by an electric car to reduce the emissions inside the forest. The Flight with Gibbons have a nice setup in the jungle. We go through the necessary paper work and sign the disclaimer. Injury our death. Hehe, he who don’t dare…

Then we get fitted for equipment and get introduced to the guys Thaven, S and Nan. Who will act as guides.
It’s only us on the tour, but a group of nine in front of us. As it seems like Nan is under his final part of “education” we get three guides today. This is excellent since we now have a photographer in the group. They need to be two for safety reasons, with three one can take pictures of us.
Back in the electric car and we drive a minute or two before we start with a basic walkthrough of the security. With that under our belt we go into the jungle and up a tree.

The rig is beautifully set up. No trees are drilled into or otherwise hurt. To get permission to start this up everything is made without harming the trees. We did ten zip lines and four sky bridges before our adventure ended with being hoisted down to ground and a nice walk trough the jungel back to the camp. This was an awesome experience. We made videos to show some of it, but in all honesty at one point did I drop the camera to handle the landing on the platform. That’s why I fastened it to my harness before heading out.

There were also some primal screams from us both when we did the last four zip lines without holding on with our hands.

After being hoisted down we walked for a few minutes through the jungle on the way back to camp. We learned about the project of re-inserting gibbons in the area. They are natives here, but there are very few left. The company have paid for two, and these two are now living freely and have a little baby.
We also got to see tarantula hole, termites working and learn about the Rokka (my spelling) tree. A thorny tree that makes the gibbons stay faithful. They have a partner for life and need to climb the Rokka tree in penance for cheating. It’s a joke if course, but it is the only tree around here the gibbons won’t climb.

After saying goodbye to the guys we were taken to a restaurant for lunch. Good food and a boss/chef who want to help his employees to speak better English. There was a whiteboard with the letter of today and Khmer writing on how to pronounce it. It’s K for today. There were also quotes and sayings on the wall to motivate and encourage. Quite a nice place.
The tuk-tuk took (hehe) us back to the hotel and we spent time there before getting out to rent another bike.
A bit too and from, and guess who d didn’t bring the passport and had to ride back to the hotel to get it while Katja sat hostage, again. Will I ever learn?
The bike has a gearing system I have never encountered before. No clutch and down is higher gear and up is lower. Took me a few meters to get that sorted out. I think the rental lady tried to tell me, but that was lost in translation.
We drove down to the main street and sat down at a vegetarian restaurant. Katja has a local curry dish and I a salad. Once again I challenge my old beliefs and opinions and find I live better with an open mind as the food was great, I’m full and I’ll sleep good tonight.

Tomorrow is another sunrise, this time at the biggest temple Angkor Wat. Wat translates to pagoda or temple. We asked for take away breakfast for tomorrow so we can enjoy food while seeing the sunrise. Then we’ll do a walkabout inn the temple itself. It’s almost 1000X1000 meters size so I’ll guess that will be tomorrow’s challenge.

All girls like guys who are tough. Obviously, riding a motorcycle – I don’t want to say that there’s a bad boy quality – but there’s definitely a tough and macho thing about a guy who rides a motorcycles and that element of danger. That’s really sexy.

– Marisa Miller

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