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24.02.15 Silat and babi guling

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Today we start training an hour earlier with Bagus and are up with the sun. Oatmeal for breakfast. With banana, muesli and cold milk. Heavenly!

The Taxi arrives as ordered and we head up to Bakti Negara headquarters. We’re early and start by repeating the techniques from yesterday. Bagus arrives a little before nine and we start today’s training.
We use the first hour in drills for taking down the opponent during a series of punches. The transition between them is apparent when one acts as a backup plan for the other. Different sizes and weight always makes for needed adjustments. Today is no different. This is fun and interesting when we test different elements. Bagus is a good instructor and express what he see we do when something works and when it don’t. This makes for some deeper understanding of body movement and mechanics.

After a short water and banana break we start working with the Toya, the long staff. We do hitting series and get introduced to the many sides of the weapon. Bakti Negara sees it as primary weapon that makes a foundation for all other moves. The last hour passes in a flash and it’s been two hours since we started. We have an agreement with the Taxi driver that he’s to pick us up at 11:15.
When there is no sign of the Taxi and we’re at 11:30 we’re lucky enough to get a ride with a neighbor down to the Taxi stand. I guess we’re back to using our storage of karma.

We get the Taxi to drop us of at the warung near our house that serves babi guling, the suckling pig. The driver is very familiar with the place. It’s very popular and they serve babi guling from 8-20 every day, all year. That’s a lot of small pigs!
While we’re there all the tables are busy and there are people sitting down at our table as we leave. It was good. Really really good. So good I had two portions.

Back at the hotel we shower and I fall asleep on the sofa. The door to the pool area is open and I feel the Bali warmth while dozing off.
We do ninety minutes yoga at four and then move next door to a vegan restaurant for dinner. Zucchini pasta with tempe meatballs
Don’t know what it is? Don’t sweat, me neither, and I just ate it.

It was good doing yoga again and the teacher was good. We’re thinking of getting another class on Thursday. We’ve been to the supermarket for fruits and yogurt and are now chillin at J.co waiting for coffee-to-go to take back to the hotel. I’m quite beat from three and a half hours of training and will get a good nights sleep tonight.

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– Yves Saint-Laurent

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