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12.04.15 Rest Sunday

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Another rest Sunday they really don’t seem that far apart anymore. The week pass by in a blur and suddenly it’s a mandatory rest day.

We spend a long long time at the breakfast table. It’s county election back home in September and we look at the different political parties programs to decide which way to vote. How they are able to write so much, but convey so little information is beyond me. Pages are filled with intention and “promises” that all will be traded on the altar of power when push comes to show.
After nearly two hours by the pool, made possible by the overcast sky, we get ready for an excursion. We bring clothes so we can go to a movie, but first it’s lunch time.
See the little sign for the Vietnamese resturant?

See the little sign for the Vietnamese resturant?

First we try to find a Vietnamese restaurant we’ve seen a sign for. That was easier said than done, and after a detour we end up driving back to Modena pizza. Only to find it closed until five. Not cool, but we drove on down the road and found a little restaurant where we order some local food. So far the local cuisine have left something to be desired, maybe this will turn the tables?

It sure did. It’s the best Thai food since arriving here. Fresh, tasty and plentiful. For the first time in ages we actually tipped.
Back on the bike we drove to the Premium Outlet Phuket. A collection of stores of known and not-so-known brands. Katja found something to buy obviously. Shouldn’t have to tell you that.
Like most outlets it’s a limited content of goods. A lot of the don’t-sell-so-good colors and designs are on display, but you can occasionally get a good buy. Especially if you’re looking for a special type of shoe that’s not the latest model. And on that note it’s worth mentioning that Katja found a pair of shoes that she also bought. Why do I always get suckered into this?
Doc Martens. Like you never seen before

Dr Martens. Like you never seen before

After enough time, and then some, at the outlet we hustled on. We got caught in the rain on the way back, but luckily close enough to home to make it back. Just as we parked the bike the sky opened up and it poured down. Good thing we left when we did.

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

– Bo Derek

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