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24.04.15 Restitution day

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Meant to be one of our restitution days between the Tiger Muay Thai training and Mandirigma Camp this day was supposed to be training free.

We both had a very good night’s sleep and put yesterday’s horror behind us. We are almost shocked that we feel so much better today, especially Katja. And that we were able to sleep after all that daytime sleep we had yesterday. We accept it and move on.
We get up and do breakfast and find we actually have an appetite.
Katja still has one private lesson left and go to Tiger to train with Sek while I do office work. My company has been sold to new owners and I had missed out on the sale of the stocks. Not completely, but enough to have a short window of opportunity to sell them at a fixed price. I got it done, ordered a few plane tickets and did a little online banking. What seemed like a small fortune on our bank account when we left is now down to a very small part of its former glory. No problem, but I’m more used to see the savings account increase.
Katja came home, looking like something the friendly neighborhood cat dragged in, It takes it’s toll to do a good hour of training while simultaneously recovering from food poisoning. I gave her a short round in the shower before we rented a motorbike and went out for pizza. Not that we’re overly hungry, though we should be, but we knew we need fuel. Ordering pizza at a place you know it’s good will help to get started. That said I did eat the whole pizza this time. Last time I had to take away three pieces.


On the way back we stopped so I could get a haircut. You know the grooming factor is high in this country when the barber even do your nose hairs.
Back in the room we are walking through our medical supplies that now probably outshines any army first aid kit. We do struggle with infections and Katja has gotten a bad one on her butt. So bad we plan on going to the doctor with it tomorrow. Health care is said to be good here in Thailand and Phuket it’s loaded with rich Russians. We’ll see what we find at the skin section at the hospital.
As this is written it’s midnight and I try to watch football from home, but it’s two seconds video and one second buffering. Quite annoying. The fact that I’m still watching must say something about my under-stimulated football gene.
It’s worth it! As my team pulls a one goal win at the 84th minute. Booyah!
Fit Street, in evening time

Fit Street, in evening time

“It is true that all of us are the beneficiaries of crimes committed by our ancestors, and it is true that nothing can be done about that now because the victims are dead and the survivors are innocent. These are good reasons for keeping our mouths shut about the past: but tell me, what are our reasons for silence about atrocities still to come?”

― Damon Knight, One Side Laughing: Stories Unlike Other Stories

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