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29.04.15 Mandirigma camp day 3

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This morning’s run on the beach was filmed by a drone. We ran in circles around our own team and kept the group and groups fairly together.

The best shots for the photographer was out on a little island, so we ran out in the water. Running in water is hard. Even harder when your shoes get filled up with sand and pebbles. As this is a camp about pushing yourself and raising your standards, there’s no room for slacking. Like not train because you need to empty your shoes.
We got back a little before the rest of the group as we had booked a photo shoot today. We ran a little late back from the island, so even though we passed on the meditation on the beach, we barely got breakfast before the photo shoot. But we loved that we did it. Pictures will come in a later post.
We also made it in time for the buses to the Muay Thai training. We thought we might have to take the motorbike, but we managed to get changed and get ready. Really no break between the two classes. Two hours running and stick work, then two hours Muay Thai. Yummy!
The last hour before lunch was stretching with Joe. A lot of foreign words and phrases, but we learn a lot by doing.
In the lunch break we got to relax and take the twenty minutes power nap. That is not to be underestimated. The we wrote up the homework we talked about last night and are ready for the last classes.
We continue on our personal leadership, and I’ll might write more about that later when I have a little better time. Right now I struggle with the time to write the words your reading, in between all the training and homework.
The last physical classes of the day was more stick fighting drills with Johan, knife fighting with Heikki and then more water confidence training with Heikki again. The last class gave challenges to a lot of people. We worked on emptying a divers mask and did buddy breathing with a snorkel. Then we swam like crazy to get the heart rate up before we tried the buddy breathing again. Buddy breathing is when you are under water and have one snorkel to share. That means you have to wait your turn to breath while the other person takes deep filling breaths of air. So when the heart rate goes up your craving for the snorkel increases. It gives you a pretty clear understanding of what stress and panic might do to you in water.
After every class it’s redressing of Katja’s wound, and at the end of the day we go to the clinic. We eat dinner first as we’ve been waiting quite a while before it’s our turn.
We had to wait for quite a while when we arrived. A crying older Thai lady with a family around her had priority, and to be fair, there is lot of man hours at the clinic, but not enough work being done. They are good in the treatment room, but not very organized and efficient in their office work.
Finally in there we get the best news. No more need for coming to the clinic. Dr. Handsome can handle it from here. That will give us plenty of time in the breaks instead of running to and from the clinic.
We drive home, it’s late, were tired, we sleep.
Everyone loves to fly, and flying underwater is even better than flying in air because there are things around you.
– Graham Hawkes

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