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04.05.15 Goodbye Krabi – Hello Bangkok

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Everything comes to an end. Last night in Krabi before we fly to Bangkok. We could choose between twelve hours in bus or an hour flight. 
When the flights are as cheap as this domestic one it was no real question. The flight is at 10:50 so we’ve ordered a taxi at 9:00.

At breakfast we got to say goodbye to Jai and Sinem in addition to Heikki. They are going diving today. It was good to get to say goodbye to Heikki as he’s been instrumental in organizing the camp as well as helped us out with equipment. It may be a long time until we meet again, but that what’s Facebook is for, right?

Since we didn’t get to send the stuff home yesterday we got a lot to pack. We divide as good as can be done and hope we’ll get it all on board.

We try to go by the post office oh the way to the airport, but it’s closed. If we’re lucky the post office at Bangkok airport is upon so we can send it from there and not take everything to the hotel. We’ll see.

At baggage drop it turns out we have three kg of excess baggage, but the fee for  bringing it onboard is OK. Security is a breeze and we wait at the gate for boarding. An uneventful flight later we’re in Bangkok.


We locate the post office in the departure hall, but wouldn’t you know it – they’re on a lunch break. We’re hungry too and find the The Noodle where we buy over prized food as at any airport in the world. It’s good though, so I’m not that grumpy, but it’s still very expensive.

Back down at the post office it’s mayhem. People don’t really get the “standing in line” concept, but just move into an available space outside the counter. It’s our turn eventually and we buy two of the largest boxes they’ve got and fill them up. What we don’t get to send are the shin pads so we’ll send them later.

Now it’s time to go into another war zone, the taxi stand. We passed the booking area on our way here so we know where it is.

It’s quite calm, maybe before the storm, but there’s a lot of people waiting to get taxi. There are seven lines leading up to an equal number of counters. Here you get a note and a designated driver. Into town it’s by the meter with an additional 50 bath airport charge. Not bad.

Taxi lines

Taxi lines

Our driver found the way but not without a lurker trouble. Mostly we were skeptic to his alertness as he yawned and put on loud music that he sang along with.. But hey, what could go wrong in Bangkok traffic? Luckily nothing did.

We got a smoked-in nonsmoking room and were happy to get another. The one we stay in is great and fresh. Citichic hotel is much fresher on the inside than how it appears from the street.

We only did the bear necessities and went out to get some coffee. Bangkok is hot. No surprise there. We walk and ask down the road for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Our preferred coffee place here in Asia. A little luck helps a long way and we find it inside an office building. We spend a good amount of time there as we talk about different elements, all related to the personal leadership thing we did at Mandirigma. It’s cool to use the tools actively and being two gives us a possibility to challenge each other about “Why” we think and do as we do.

We met a Dutch guy that referred us to anther coffee place close to True fitness. We got a tour in the fitness center and the biggest in Oslo seems kinda small in comparison. We got prices for drop in and might do a class or two of yoga during these next days.

Now we entered Terminal 21, a shopping mall close by. There’s a bike week here now and there’s a lot of beautiful bikes on display.  Both big brands and smaller unknown (at least to me) brands are on display. We look for running shoes, but to no avail. The Adidas store is just fashion, not training gear. We eat dinner here at a so so restaurant that serves steaks.

From there we got on the BTS, or the sky train if you will, and rode up to Paragon shopping mall. We’re looking to replace my running shoes, but the quality of the staff and the limited stock of shoes put a stop to that. Hopefully we’ll have more luck tomorrow.

We walk around in the mall and look before heading out and home bound. We get off at E3 Nana station and stay walking towards our hotel. We buy fresh fruits from a street vendor and yogurt and water at a small Mart. We walk up Suhkumvit Soi 11 that leads over to Soi 13 where our hotel is. Soi means street and represent the “Road off from the other road”. Hence, Suhkumvit Soi 11 is the on the odd numbered side of the street breaking off from the main street Sukhumvit. Easy enough to follow, but don’t think 12 necessarily is on the other side of 11. The odd and even numbers run separately on each side of the road.



One night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble
Not much between despair and ecstasy
One night in Bangkok and the tough guys tumble
Can’t be too careful with your company
I can feel the devil walking next to me

– Tim Rice, One night in Bangkok – Chess, The musical

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