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28.05.15 Outside the resort

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We start slow this morning. Well, at least I do. Whiskey at the end of a binge is seldom doing wonders for my next day spirit. 

We crawl down to breakfast and spend a long time enjoying eggs and bacon, muesli, pancakes with raspberry jam and of course coffee. We’ve had a few good talks these past mornings. Today it’s a little more quiet at our table.

We go back up and get yesterday’s pictures sorted and out on the blog. Then we read and relax before we go down to the gym. We run through the program we did two days ago. Since our legs hurt we decide to hurt them back.

Coming back up from training it’s already 14:30. Time flies when your having fun. We borrow a couple of bicycles from the resort and just pedal across the street. The little restaurant there received good reviews on TripAdvisor so we thought we would give it a shot. The prices here is way lower than in the resort and the food is delicious. We have each a nice dish with fresh herbs and greens. This is what we love about Vietnamese food, there’s always fresh greens. Yummy!

We get back on the bikes and continue down the road. We don’t know how far we feel like going, but we aim for the city.

The reason we’re not driving motorbike as usual is the info we have on  police here. It’s said they don’t want foreigners to drive. That must be a false info as there are plenty of foreigners driving. We talk to a Swedish couple that got info saying:”Keep max 40 km/h and wear helmets.” They had seen a police control, but had not been flagged in.

We kept rolling towards town and decided to turn left at the roundabout we encountered. Just a few meters into that road the night market starts. We walk through the market where people are preparing for the evening. Tanks of fish are displayed with a lot of different species to choose from. After our little walk we decide to ride back home and take a taxi down here for dinner.

When we return for dinner we’re just ahead of the main wave of people. We get barbequed tuna and prawns with rice and greens. A delicious meal. It seems like the locals use this market also though it’s hard to tell. There’s a lot of Vietnamese vacationing here at the moment.

We go back to the hotel after dinner. There’s lots of small bars around here, but nothing that really attract our attention. Since the resort it’s so nice it’s good just to use the facilities there as much as possible during our stay.


“Life is like riding a bicycle: you don’t fall off unless you stop pedaling.”

– Claude Pepper

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