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11.06.15 Still hopping on and off 

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Up, breakfast, first bus in the hop on – hop off loop. Or so we thought.The bus is late due to traffic. A young guy is setting up shop to sell tickets, he says it’s always late in the morning. I guess that’s a daily phenomenon then, but who cares about any other day than this one? We go to the coffee place and order a new combo. In a “Regular” sized Cafe Latte there’s two s shots of coffee. We ask for twice that. The guy looks at us, shakes his head, but punch in the order. Best coffee so far.

We walk from there to the stop before the one we were at. We’re just in time for the bus and get on. We’re aiming for the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, then we’ll see after that.

The ride there take almost an hour and it’s getting hotter. The bird park was a real treat, but when you walk inside a park in the marshland at high noon you’re bound to get sweaty. We look at different birds naturally, but a few stations are cooler than the others. There’s a Parrot station that lets you feed them milk and seeds. They’re really thirsty and hungry, our just greedy, and will sit on your arm if you don’t offer it close enough. Katja has a feast going on on her had for a while. They’re smart enough to grab your finger and pull you to thenm if they can’t reach the milk. The smaller ones are nice enough, the big one could probably crack nuts with its beak and I would rather not have him correcting me.

There’s a show also that we caught when we were at the one end of the park. A funny twenty minute performance of a few parrots. It’s cute, but lack a little on the professional entertainment level.

The park includes the world’s largest free fly aviary. There’s loads of bits here, somewhere around 3000, and a lot of them are walking right next to you on the pathway. A few of them are of the bigger kinds, like Emu and ostrich, and see best kept away from people. The largest ostrich here was about two meters high.

On a sidenote, what’s with the burkas? This city have all flavors of people from all over the world. Add a lot of tourists and the melting pot it’s total. In this pot the men walk around in shorts and t-shirt while the women are wrapped up in full covered clothing. Extreme variety is another veil over your burka to cover even the little slit that shows your eyes. That must be so warm. It seems totally unfair to me.

We get out off the park and hope the hop on bus will be here in time for our tickets to be valid. It’s not and we’re now hungry. SURPRISE! We decide to pass on the National mosque and head towards the center. We have tickets to the premiere of Jurassic World today and we don’t want to be late.

We get a taxi driver to take us to town and we have a nice chat with the man. He’s a retired army medic, but the pension isn’t enough so he drive a taxi to fill the purse. He tells us it’s around thirty percent Chinese in this country and ten percent Indian. They were brought here as labourer by the British. Add a million or so from Bangladesh that are cheap labor on the farms, as some of them are here illegally.

We get off in the center and look at each other. We talked about going back to the make your own burger place again when we had better time to enjoy it. We do and have a fabulous meal. This burger is one if the best.

Best "make your own" burger

Best “make your own” burger

It’s time for the movie and we enjoy a real good movie in real good chairs. We bought ticket to the Gold Class. Where the seats are sofa chairs and there are thick blanket waiting for you. If you want you can order food and beverages by the waiters that run in and out.

Jurassic World was a good movie. The obvious cliches are there, but hey, it’s a Spielberg production. Other than that the animations are beyond belief. The references to the original movie are both subtle and obvious. Well worth a look.

We do a little t-shirt shopping on the way home and it’s now possible to wear something that don’t smell like yesterday’s cat litter. I guess a lot of people will be happy with this purchase.

“I believe implicitly that every young man in the world is fascinated with either sharks or dinosaurs.”

– Peter Benchley


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