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13.06.15 Another day at the post office

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We don’t have all that much planned for today. It’s our last full day in KL which means it’s time to send more stuff back home.We go down to Low Yat, the electronic mall where the coffee place is. There’s a lot of activity today. Saturday is shopping day it seems. We have clothes and gadgets it’ll be good to send home. Not everything is for us so somebody is in for a surprise. The post office was another pleasant experience. Very good English language skill, efficient and quick. The cost of sending was lower than expected which added to the positive experience.

We bought a pocket Wi-Fi unit as we finally found one that support 4G and has reasonable pricing. The thing is I’m now a subscriber to a mobile service in Malaysia. Hopefully I’ll be able to cancel the subscription before leaving the country.

While exploring the new mall we came across something else that needed to be sent back to Norway. A little rewrite for: “Let’s buy that!”

After another good visit at the post office we’re good to go for today’s main event; a visit to the National Mosque. We go by taxi and have previously, by anther taxi driver, been told it’s open for tourist twenty four hours. That’s a lie. It’s open on intervals that don’t interfere with their prayers. Mental note to self: Don’t take anyone’s word for it.

It’s closed when we arrive and will remain so for another hour. We want to see it as it said to be a beautiful building. We sit outside on a bench listening to the prayers being broadcasted through the minaret. I can pick up the occasional word like Allah, but other than that it’s one long syllabus.

We’re not the only ones here that didn’t know about the opening hours. There’s plenty of people from all different places and in all kind of different clothing. When it’s 17:30 we’re invited to the counter and sign in. Then we’re dressed in appropriate clothing. I in a robe, Katja in a robe and head scarf. Katja looks something like a Russia doll. You know the one with layers upon layers of dolls?

Russian Muslim doll?

Russian Muslim doll?

The building is very nice. Large tiles cover the floor and columns, and there is water with fountains in the middle. The only thing off limit to us seem to be the prayer room itself which is for Muslims only. There’s people, I guess volunteers, that hand out brochures about different aspects of Islam. Nice when you can have the instant version.

Personally I’m a sceptic to all religions. The idea of a higher power doesn’t sit well with me. Neither does the rules and regulations that’s found in any and all religion. I don’t mind people that have a religion as long as they keep it somewhat private. Gathering in groups with like-minded is OK, pushing beliefs and dogmas on others it’s not OK.

We get a taxi to take us back to the hotel where we change. The we just go to the nearest street corner and have dinner. The restaurant is very popular and there’s a constant stream of new guests entering. The food is good but we don’t linger. As soon as we get up the table is occupied by new guests.

We do a short walk in the back streets and buy milk for tomorrow’s breakfast and apples for the bus ride. Tomorrow we take off to Cameron highlands.

“When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look to those who have been given less.”

– Unknown

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