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18.06.15 Indian food

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The breakfast at the hotel is not up to the hotel standard. We knew this by reviews online, but everything else is so good it’s OK. 
The hotel it’s more like an apartment building with common areas with a gym, laundry and pool. The rooms have fully furnished kitchens and some even washer and dryer. For such a reasonable price it’s a good place to stay.

We stay in the room looking over alternatives for Malacca and the days after. We’ve been looking at going down to Port Dickson for a few days of sand and sea, but several we’ve talked to says it’s not really worth it. We’re now looking into going by bus to Malacca, flying up to Penang before flying down to Singapore. Penang is one of the more beautiful island on the west coast and we’re looking forward to that. Domestic flights are cheap, so this turns out to be a good solution.

We go out to lunch to the same place we went earlier in Little India. At the restaurant all seemed well, but as soon as we left I started feeling bad. Uh oh.

We walked to the mall to look for something for Katja but I fell more and more in on my self and had to go back to the room. Continue reading at your own risk.

There’s only one thing to do. I have to get this poison out of me. Into the bathroom, doubled over the toilet, finger in the throat and work it. Holy crap. Chili infused curry with a mix of stomach acid is not something you really want to taste. And if that’s not enough – the rice was already starting to glue together as a big lump of sticky goo. I guess it can be described as vomiting up something like plastelina play doh. Getting that lump up and out demanded both effort, stamina, grit and guts. Then I collapsed on the bed.

Done for the day

Done for the day

“What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.”

– Lucretius (ca. 99 BCE – ca. 55 BCE)

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