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28.06.15 Farewell Golden Sands – Hello George Town

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Moving day is here again. We’re counting down on the number of new homes before we’re back in Norway. I think we’re down to four now, including the one we’re moving into today. 

We do another laundry before we check out and leave with only clean clothes in the bags. That’s a rather unknown feeling. Then we pack and check out. Turns out the shuttle bus for the city just left so we’re taking the public bus towards town. Turns out the bus stops just outside the hotel. We’ll, close enough, anyway. It’s about forty minutes ride into town and that ever though the driver drives like he stole both bus and gas.


The hotel we’re moving into is fairly priced and I had not high hopes. It turned all my thoughts to shame, though.

The hotel opened earlier this year and is fresh and nice. Turns out the Wi-Fi is not up to standards in the room, but other than that it’s good. Especially the shower gets my attention. After standing in the bathtub squeezing up against the end to get wet these last days, the shower here is huge. And with good pressure in the pipes we’re in for a good treat.

We turn around in the room and go out to take the bus to Guerney Plaza, a shopping mall where we hope to get a few things. The buses run frequently and work like a charm. We’re there before we know it. We get both hair products for Katja and a pen for the iPad. We’ve started using OneNote for iPad to share documents and notes. OneNote support pen writing and we’ll give that a go.

We get lunch at a restaurant there and enjoy sitting outside as it blows a nice breeze. A coffee later we get the bus back and shop for fruits and yogurt before going to the room. On the way around in the local mall close to the hotel we run into Remy, the photographer at Mandirigma camp we attended in Thailand. What are the odds of that? He’s here with his wife, his sister-in-law and her son. They’re looking at an international school for the boy to make sure he’s properly educated and learns the English language. It was nice to see Remy again.

Me an Remy

Me an Remy

We kill the last couple of hours in the room before it’s time to sleep.


“Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.”

– Richard Bach

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