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01.07.16 Eleven months

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So we’ve been on the road for eleven months. We’re not homesick, but talk more and more about home and what we’ll do when we come back. We are lucky we have a good life in Norway with good friends, family, colleagues and training partners that we are looking forward to seeing again.There’s two flights left before the final one take us home. Today we’re going to Singapore and meet up with Guillaume and Morgan.

All the girls in the hotel had to use the same wig

All the girls in the hotel had to use the same wig

We spend the morning in the room, check out and walk to the bus station at noon. We get on the bus for the airport and pay 5,4 Ringgit vs 60 that the hotel wanted for arranging a taxi. A forty minute bus ride later and we’re at the airport. There’s not so many people here and we use the check in machine before heading over to bag drop. Voila, and we’re checked in with two and a half hour to take off.

We grab lunch and go through immigration and security. There’s a cool thing, if it had worked, with usb connections between some of the seats at our gate. The guy next to us charged his phone, but our didn’t work. Pretty modern though. Before take off there’s a bit of a commotion. We’re one too many in the plane according on head count vs passenger manifest. It takes fifteen minute to figure out the discrepancy and everyone breath a little easier.

Ready to board

Ready to board

An uneventful flight later and we touchdown in Singapore. We get denied in immigration since we don’t have the address for Guillaume and Morgane. Luckily Morgane is online and we get it on messenger and can fill out the forms. When it’s filled correctly they don’t look at it twice. We could probably written up Sesame street as an address.

We’re through and get a SIM card, grab a coffee and head into town. We take a taxi and go straight to Kali Majapahit’s school. Guillaume is teaching there and we join in the class that’s going while we arrive. We get two and a half hour of training and enjoy it big time.

There’s several known faces there with Bernard, Leaitizia (Let’s go) and Rose. And we made some new friends as well. Nothing makes friends like kicking them in the balls while smiling. Morgane came and picked us up at the gym and we all went into the company car to take us home. Our big backpacks fills half the car, the four of us take up the rest.

Guillaume makes a delicious raw dish of veggies and mushroom and we sit and talk for a while. Suddenly it’s midnight and Katja is to go with Morgane to buy bread for her store and to join in the shop, La petite boutique (http://petiteboutique-sg.com/) in a little while (07:15). They’ll go together with Guillaume while I will just relax. Jessica, the housekeeper, takes care of the kids in the morning so I should be all right.

“Nobody in Singapore drinks Singapore Slings. It’s one of the first things you find out there. What you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment.”

– Anthony Bourdain

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