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04.07.15 Brain fry

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We sleep late since we were up so late last night. From breakfast we make ready and go to training. Guillaume taught us mirror-mirror with overhead passages with both hands for sinawali 6 and 7. If you don’t understand anything of that, it’s ok. It’s a part of the tribal language of the Kali people. After frying our brain with that we did some empty hand work before we did karenza (twirling / stick fighting) with foam sticks at the end. We spent two hours at the club and it was two good hours.

Afterwards we walked down towards Chinatown. We’re looking for lunch as we’re both totally burned out from the training. We find a food street and settle on a Vietnamese restaurant. A good choice for the both of us. Delicious fresh food. After lunch we walked a little in Chinatown before taking the MRT back towards home. We’re pretty beat and are going out tonight so we prioritize a little power nap. But before that can happen we have to get home.

There’s a lot of people using the MRT on a Saturday. Moving from one mall to another. There’s hardly anyone at the stations not connected to the malls, but a lot wherever there’s shopping around. We stand most of the way, or rather just hang in the handrails. Luckily we get into the first bus heading in our direction and came home to a quiet house. Both Guillaume and Morgane are working and there’s not any signs of the housekeeper and the kids. We go down to our room and pass out for forty minutes.

We’re going to “A rooftop affair” tonight. A show at the roof of the mall next to Morgane’s shop. We’re there ten minutes after the ticket says the doors open, but are still ten minutes to early. Ok, Singapore time is something else completely. We grab dinner and talk a while before heading back up.

The show was very nice indeed and we got to hear two artists for the first time. Really there’s three artists. First was Gentle Bones, a local kid/ band from Singapore. Really talented and with a high pitched voice. He writes most of his own music and that’s always a plus in my book. The top artists of the evening was Us the Duo from California. A married couple that sang beautifully together. He was good, but she was great. Effortless in her singing, but with a fantastic voice and playful in technique. They have over the last year gone from a few hundred fans to a few million followers. they called it a crazy year. I can understand that. Check ’em out on Spotify or Tidal.

After the show was over we drove home and stayed up talking, playing music, drinking tea and relaxing until it was sleepy time. We say goodbye and thank you to Morgane as she will be gone for work before we get up tomorrow. No rest for the business woman. We’ve really enjoyed staying with the Foucades. It’s been a treat. We go down and I think I fall asleep between the moment I turned off the lights and my head is back on the pillow.

Staying up late and talking

Staying up late and talking

 “It is a cliche that most cliches are true, but then like most cliches, that cliche is untrue.”

– Stephen Fry

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