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02.08.15 Sunday together

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Sunday is fun day. We spend most if it together, and it’s good for Katja to relax after a couple of high strung days.We start by driving up to Paul’s again for a nice relaxing breakfast. The only other couple there leaves short after our arrival and it’s quiet and cozy. The bacon is crispy, the eggs perfect, the coffee is good and the company outstanding. It’s good to spend a little time together as just us. The yoga teacher training is more like a personal development course and just relaxing and chatting about this, that, everything and nothing is soothing for us both.

We drive down towards town again and enjoy the rice field view. It’s getting greener but nothing beats the colors from our rice field walk back in September last year. The timing on that particular walk is unprecedented. Remember it? If not it can be relived here.

Katja saw a temple on the way up and asks me to stop on the way down. The sculptures of the dancers at the entrance deserve a place in our picture collection. A collection consisting of thousands upon thousands of pictures. Luckily we’ve taken out the once we use for the blog, because I don’t know how we’ll ever sort through the rest. At least they’re digital and backed up. We’ve got a lifetime to flip through them, though.


Back at the room Katja prepare for going to a massage. She’s booked with the same magician I visited earlier this week. She pack up to be ready to go visit Rachel, the osteopath, if she has to go directly. I watch an episode or two on my iPad and suddenly she’s back. Pretty relaxed and with lower shoulders than when she left. She found the massage as good as I did, and have already booked a follow up.

Mirror selfie at the massage place

Mirror selfie at the massage place

I’m not completely trusting in the fact that Katja should be picked up at the supermarket for transportation to Rachel. There’s been to little communication for that. I go along and behold, there’s no one there. I drive her up, and we find that Rachel has her booked in 15:30, not 14:30 as we have. OK. A little ride on the bike to a juice place where we watch kids trying to get a kite in the air. The finally give up and start working on the kite with a knife. I know nothing about building kites, bit I highly doubt cutting it up with the knife will make it fly better.

I drop Katja off at Rachel and head home. I work a little on the computer in the short hour before departing again and head back up. Katja gets out just few minutes after my arrival. There’s gonna be a tug o war about the spike ball I got from Rachel it seems. Katja have the opposite problem with being flatfoot and tilting inwards, where I’m to high arched and tiling outwards. We knew this about Katja as she’s been struggling with the tibial posterior syndrome during this travel, but maybe we now can fix it.

We ask Rachel about restaurant recommendations and she points to the last one Jenny told us about that we haven’t tried yet. We go there and find they actually serve Babi Guling on Sundays. Usually their out of it by 16:00, but it seems to be a slow day as they can serve us at 18:00. It’s good, but not as good as our favorite little place. The price is about double of what we normally pay as well. After dinner we ride home and keep on talking and Katja makes a yoga class or two as homework. She finish one that she will do herself tomorrow afternoon with her own evaluation. Then I will do it, by her guidance, and write a report. The reports are both to be handed in as part of the assignment  in the course. These two plus another full class is what’s left of the papers to be handed in, as far as she knows. It can be handed in after the course is ended, but everyone knows it’s best to get it done immediately instead of delaying.

“You may delay, but time will not.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Not a bunch of time to workout?

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