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Renting out the house

It’s been a long time since the last post, but we are still working towards the takeoff at August 1st. In that process we are renting out our town house for the year we will be abroad. The ad for it can be seen here:

Click here to see.

If you know of anyone that needs a place to stay in this periode please guide them to the ad. 🙂

In addition to that, Arne is using a lot of time to get his replacement at work hired. There are several good candidates for the position, and we hope it is done within May month.

We are cleaning out a lot of stuff from sheds, cupboards and so on. There is an incredible amount of stuff that has been gathered over the years. A clean-out is absolutely needed. Some things you just wonder why you didn’t throw away in the first place, other things bring back memories of past times. It’s a fine balance of keeping too much and throwing to much away.The next few days will be used for showing of the house to potential tenants, and deciding how big a storage unit to rent.

I do have butterflies in my belly now. We are closing to the 2 month mark in the countdown. Visas, flights, vaccines, economy, electronics, packing, handing of work in a good way… But as Ingrid told us: “Don’t deprive yourself of the travel-fever.”



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Packing – What to bring

It’s not easy to pack light, all the time you usually don’t carry the luggage all that much. This time however I want to pack so I can easily carry what I bring along without any stress. With that in mind we went out to get me a new backpack.

Oh my god! It’s a jungle out there! The time when backpack where an easy buy is long gone. Luckily we got good help at Sportsnett @ Klingenbergpassasjen in Oslo.

With good guidance I ended up with a 65 liter Arc’teryx Altra. I chose this for a few different reasons:

Easy access to “what’s in the bottom” through the opening that goes all the way down.

Adjustable height settings for shoulder straps Altra65Strop
Flexible, yet adjustable, hip straps (rotating Load Transfer Disc™) Altra65-hip

All in all I’m happy, but now starts the hard part… What to bring?!?

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Vaccines – a necessary evil

It has begun. The race towards safty when traveling in foreign countries. I will not enter into the debate of vaccinating kids, but when traveling in jungles in third world countries, (or close enough any way) I find safety in being somewhat imune to local diseases. So today we spent the afternoon with the doctor at “Reiseklinikken” in Oslo. To our knowledge this is the number one place to go for preparation for a trip, or for getting put back together after one. We are lucky enough that we are lifetime covered on Hepatitis A and B since we have taken these before. Which is good, since it usually transfers by blood or sweat, and some martial arts training do tend to bruise or otherwise include bodily fluids. 🙂

VaccineAnyhow; we got three shots each today, and as the picture shows getting coverage against Typhoid, Rabies and Japanese encephalitis (a kind of Dengue fever). We are scheduled to go back twice to “top of” a couple of these during the next four weeks.

We also got some nice info and links from the good doctor.

http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations.aspx – This site (I linked directly to that page) includes a listing of all countries. On each lands page you will find information and a map with their Malaria exposure. Nice to know when planning to travel. It’s recommended to read up on Malaria and how to avoid it!

http://www.janechiodini.co.uk/ is another site we got recommended, but have still to read up on. We are told that this lady gives excellent advices regarding travel, diseases and tips.

Finally we talked about DEET. The component that gives the effect in mosquito repellents. Maximum effect allowed in Norway is 20 %, but the Americans have other regulations. Good thing I’m soon of for a trip to the States.

Be safe.

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Renting a house in Ubud, and some other stuff

For practicing yoga in Bali, we have been advised to stay in or near Ubud. There are several operators of yoga studios there, and we are looking into them to see where to spend our time. Being one place for a month is nice, as you get to know the local scene in a more intimate way. Still, living in a hotel is not preferable so we are looking to rent a house in Ubud. We have come across several sites on the net that seems decent, and gets good rating. Like www.airbnb.com and Tripadvisor.  But are there any other sites we should know about? Do you have any tips in that regard, please let us know in the comments below.

Another thing that is tricky is deciding how far from Ubud center we are gonna stay. Are we to stay close, as in walking distance from the yoga place we choose? Or should we get out in the “wilderness” and go for waking in the rice fields, with sounds of birds and local chicken, in stead of smelling exhausts and hearing honking of car horns? As for now, we are playing with the idea of getting a little distance from Ubud, and rent at scooter og motorcycle there. I guess the traffic there (as I can remember it from 2010) is OK, and not as chaotic as it was in Kuta area.

This is just some of the thing we are talking about these days. Buying the ticket, as we posted last, really made it all so real. Suddenly there is a need for “stepping up the game”, and to get things done. So not to stay in July with to many tasks at hand before take off. I guess we will still have enough stress the last few weeks before departure. So I guess there will be several more post in the near future. Where I will evaluate local storage units in the Oslo area, selling of some of the electronics from the house that do not get better in storage, wardrobe walk through to get rid of stuff that should not take up place in the first place, and never should be stored away. And we will also put the house up for rent. Which I guess will be big thing in itself.

To next time. Be safe, be good and be true!



Tickets purchased! Bali here we come!

It is official!
We have now purchased our first tickets 🙂 We leave Oslo on Friday 1. August at 16:10. The plane takes us Oslo-Doha, Doha-Singapore and finally Singapore-Bali. We arrive in Bali Saturday 2. August at 19:00. We are now looking for a nice beach hotel where we can chill down for a week or so. Do you know of a nice place? Let us know in a comment below.

Thanks to Ingrid Bertheussen, Travel Advisor | Around the World Specialist, at Kilroy for very good help and lots of inspiring websites to look into. This so exciting!

Tickets to Bali bought at KILROY in Oslo.

Tickets to Bali bought at KILROY in Oslo.

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One step more

Hello again, long time no write. The plans are coming on and we now know that we are not going to Japan, since the Wado-Ryu International Championships has been postponed to 2016. So for now we have decided on the following route:
* Australia
* Lombok/Bali
* The Philippnes (Manila, Boracay, Cebu)
* Vietnam (Hanoi, “down the coast”, Ho Chi Min)
* Cambodia (Phnom Phen)
* Laos (Vientiane)
* Burma / Myanmar (Yangon)
* Thailand
* Malaysia
* Singapore

Not many details yet, but we are surfing around and collecting information about lots of different stuff.

We will get in contact with Kilroy Travel and Ingrid in the beginning of December and tell her our plans and see what she can tell us whats wise / not so wise.
We also did some calculations budget wise today and looks like we are on a good path and just have to keep that standard up.

Be happy now with less, so we can have more in the future 🙂




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The BIG travel in 2014/2015

Arne and I have now started planing the big Asia tour in 2014/2015 🙂 And it´s fun!! Our plan is to travel from August 2014 til June 2015. We are going around Asia / Australia / Japan and train different martial arts and experience the cultures. We have talked about this for some time now and we are now taking it one step ahead where we start to pin point places we would like to go and also looking at prices for accommodation. More details will come but the main thing is that WE ARE DOING IT 🙂