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Acro yoga, what a blast!

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Today we challenge ourselves and pushed some borders. We attended a class of Acro Yoga at the yoga barn. This was new, fun, scary, hard, childish, challenging and … did I mention FUN?!?

So what to expect when the class is named Acro yoga? Fortunately our Swedish friend Pernilla has been doing it for some time, and posted some pictures on Facebook. So we knew it involved people working together vs. the solo yoga we normally do.
The class was held by Carlos (as mentioned in Katja’s post from yesterday) and Bex. They are both very much alive in their teachings and therefor the mood in the group went from shy and silent to laughter and playfulness.
We started out with dancing!!! and then went on to some basic two and two moves that are close to games we all played as kids. Remember when someone held your legs and you walked over the yard on your hands? Do that again with a stranger, but this time he uses no hands. You need to squeeze your feet around his body and support your own weight from feet to hands. Now, keep your hip up and walk over the floor.

We continued with some more of this kind of exercisers before we went on to the more advanced (in my humble opinion) stuff.
We did “step-up-on-the-thigh-of-you-partner-then-counterweight-each-other”. Sounds easy, right? There were alternatives for the people who had done some Acro Yoga before. I will not even in a joking matter try to explain them.
But we had great fun. Both when being in the same group, but also when training with total strangers. As a rather big lad (stop that snickering, will ya!) I was designated as a Base for some of the exercises. At least my weight is good for something 🙂
After class we were encouraged to play more outside. The pictures posted here are from the 45 minutes we spent with people from Italy, Germany, USA and Australia after the first 1,5 hour in class.

A guy names Dennis (USA), aged 63, was basing all of us for a hand/head stand as seen in the following video. It was the first time for both Katja and me, and I am impressed of what Dennis got us to do. Some of the other girls were quite good and we took some pictures of them as well.

Before you laugh to hard, try it yourself.
We have now planned training for next week and both sessions of Acro Yoga is in that plan and also a session of arm balance at a different place. Maybe there will be more pictures then.

Train hard – Play nice – and most importantly have FUN

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