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Any good day start with a training session in the morning, or what? Today is Sunday and we got up with the call of the roosters and set out for a morning run. There are great views in Ubud, and specially if you go out from the beaten track. We stopped and took some pictures today as well. 

We set of on a run that was supposed to be around 5k. There are not always if the maps we got are accurate, or if we read them properly. I tend to believe the first, Katja points out that I might be a bit self confident. We got the first part right. We ran down the main street in and out of Ubud and crossed into the more rural areas. We found rice fields, the local people opening their shops and brooming outside their houses and talking to their neighbors. we used both map and the phone with GPS and were certain we should be able to cross between some of the bigger roads. It seems that the main streets here in Ubud all run parallel, but there are few streets that cross these, and make for connecting between them.

A tip for using the iPhone in situations like this is to open Google Maps when you are on WIFI and then download the necessary map. As long as you don’t close the app you can use the downloaded map with the GPS to avoid costly downloads over 3G.

There are lots of dogs barking whenever we are running. Luckily the old saying about a dog that barks don’t bit, still holds true. Lots of sound, little scariness.

Here are some pictures to enjoy from this morning.

Soldiers on a bridge

Soldiers on a bridge

Katja in the rice fields

Katja in the rice fields

Anyone remember "Pompel and Pilt"? With the forrest of ropes?

Anyone remember “Pompel and Pilt”? With the forrest of ropes?

Rural views along the track

Rural views along the track


The old and the new bridge

The old and the new bridge

Alive and kicking. Waiting to be hamburger

Alive and kicking. Waiting to be hamburger

Where there are no roads...

Where there are no roads…

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