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Another day, another training session – or two

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We just had lunch and talked about the essence of recovery and relaxation to benefit from training. We are not the best to make plans for this, but it’s gonna change.


Just showing of today’s workout rutine

We started this morning with a cross training session at the football field in town, around 6:45. Together with 4 different school classes there for their gymnastic training. All students here wear uniform, and it’s no different during training. But training? The class closest to us practiced (without ball) the volleyball techniques of bagger and finger strokes (don’t know correct name in English). They did it about 5 times for each technique, then sat down and listens to the teacher for about half an hour. The same time it took us to complete our cross training.
There were not that much difference in action with the other classes. I guess this explains why there are few gyms or any people out running in the mornings.

As much action they seemed to get

As much action they seemed to get

After breakfast we then went to Monkey Forest. It’s a must see when in Ubud. You pay 30.000 IDR for entry, which is about 3$. And it’s lots of
Monkeys to be seen. There are reviews of this attraction where people talk about aggressive monkeys. This is, in my opinion, an easy thing to avoid. Don’t bring food! Not in your bag, or in your pockets. These small monkeys will smell it, hunt you down, find it and eat it. They get fed in the park by ranger, so they do not go around hungry. We had a nice time at an open theater section of the park. Since we went quite early (park opens at 8:30) there are fewer people and less stressed monkeys.
We got to se a lot of monkey babies. Clinging to their mothers, and getting protection from her. And we saw a lot of morning grooming with two and two picking lice and cleaning each other up. And the parks horny bastard running around sniffing butts and humping any female available. But there as in life as we know it, in the end it’s the female that decides when it’s time.

Feasting on a corn cob

Feasting on a corn cob

Morning grooming

Morning grooming

In the main temple there was a great gathering of people to pray, and who would so a parade up to a smaller temple. We did not have time to wait for that, as we had a 11 o’clock booking for a Arm Balance class at Radiantly Alive. Another yoga studio in town.

Preparing for the parade

Preparing for the parade

We were dead tired when we entered the yoga studio. We had walked up through town and had not been drinking enough water. Shame on us. Both the morning training and the walk through town in blazing sun had taken a lot out of us. But the class was so cool. We were really getting it on, and Katja is getting much better at handstands. Me? Hehe, thanks for thinking positive thoughts. I find I have a loooong way to go before I’m even close to getting my feet in the air, but I do get better – just not good. Yet. 😉

Yoga @ Radiantly Alive

Yoga @ Radiantly Alive

After class the energy was way higher than going in. And there we are back at the beginning of this post.
We have now been training more or less daily since we came to Indonesia. It’s time for a short break to recover both body and soul. So tomorrow will be a training free day, and we have plans for renting a motorbike and roaming the country side. There is to be an organic vegetarian restaurant out in the rice fields north of town. Lunch there tomorrow with a nice view? Guess so. Keep coming back to check out the pictures.

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