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Something new, something old and something blue

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As we spend all of six weeks here in Ubud you are bound to get a lot of yoga info. As the days move along it’s cool to notice the small changes. I get deeper into positions, I can touch my toes or grab my feet where I had no chance earlier, and I understand more and more of the tribal language. I am able to do a Visyana or a Chataranga (I’m writing as it think it sounds 🙂 )

We did Acro yoga again yesterday, and Katja is getting better and better. I am to stiff in my hamstrings to be a

Katja on "The throne". Dennis as base

Katja on “The throne”. Dennis as base

good baser yet, but it is slowly coming along. So I guess all these updates will grow old on you.

For something new we are tonight attending a fund raiser. In the YogaBarn there is a open air movie tonight about homeless musicians in Jakarta. The entrance fee is about 6$ so we can afford to be a bit philanthropic. The movie depicts three homeless people and their struggles. Indonesia struggles with corruption in it’s early days as a democracy. It’s an underlying theme, but not the main topic. One of the three had lived under a bridge in a sewage canal for ten years. Ten years! Naturally the three stories told in the movie was really touching and makes me appreciate what we got. And I usually complain and whine like a little bitch if my internet provider is down for an hour. Priorities, anyone?
All three were making what money they could from Busking. Which is playing and singing on board the public busses in Jakarta as a street musician. The money they take in during a day of this would not cover a single meal here in Ubud. For Titi, the girl in the movie, of the 40$ she took in a month 20 went to her parents, 10 for smoke and stuff for her husband and the final 10 for food to the household (which included one kid).


The three Buskers and the movie director

The three Buskers and the movie director

A nice crowd gathered to see the movie

A nice crowd gathered to see the movie

The money from this showing (and I guess a whole lot of other showings) will go towards buying these three a house.
The movies name is Jalanan. If anybody have relations to someone who would be interested in showing this elsewhere I’m sure something can be arranged.

As wee need something blue to get the saying to match with the post, let’s focus on the fact that we now have access to a pool. (Even though it feels a little weird after last section) We moved out today from our home stay and into a hotel, and there are two pools available. It was unbelievable to roll into the “cold” water today. Just floating and feeling the cool water. We have not had access to sea or pool for 14 days, so I can safely say we enjoyed it enormously.



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