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On the move

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This morning was a slow and easy one. We slept in late and after breakfast spent an hour and a half by the pool. Then we were on the move again.

Moving out

Moving out

Change places to stay has given us a couple if advantages and of course disadvantages. First of we are getting to see and experience different home stays and hotels, but also (to a degree) the different areas if Ubud. Not to exaggerate the last statement, as we today moved back to the same street as before, just at a different home stay.

Katja in the new home stay

Katja in the new home stay

Carrying your bags around town attracts a lof attention from the taxi drivers. You will never feel as popular as when it seems you’re in need of their services.
As this is written we have just checked in to our home stay and find it very nice. We have been here before to check out the place before we booked it, but it is always good to see it

View from the new terrace

View from the new terrace

holds up to expectations when you arrive.
The room is clean, smells good, have AC and a roof fan and a small pool just outside the door. And to both our delights, the shower has a real “power”! After several weeks of showering in drops and driplets it was magnificent to take a shower today and really scrub, rinse, scrub, rinse (repeat a lot of times) and get out feeling clean. Ahhhhh, what a feeling. I think we’ll like it here. We have preliminary booked it for a week, but if it’s good we might stay longer – if it sucks for some reason, we move on.

Every¬†Sunday Yoga barn hosts a vegetarian buffet, and we went there grazing today also. The food is very good, and surprisingly for a meat lover as myself, I find I’m getting my fill and it tastes really good. Not that I’m contemplating going Vegan or Veggi! Both Katja and me are waaay to fond of a great steak to make that happen. But I have to admit that a little grazing once in a while can be acceptable. The energy from the food is more than enough to get me through the Acro yoga for 1,5 hours, and the 30 minute of jamming we did afterwards today.

The class was cool today. As yesterday, Rupert showed up, and I had a guy about my size to play with. He’s been doing a bit of Acro with his girlfriend earlier but is not used to basing guys like me. Which gives him a challenge to handle my (app.) 95 kg, when I’m lying/flying as a bird on top of his outstretched feet. We went a bit further today and incorporated some transition from one pose to another. So far we’ve been getting up in one pose, and then down again. Today we got up, and turned to a completely different position, which included moving/freeing a foot from the flyer, and re-positioning feet and moving around. We went up in “chair”, moved over into “bird” as Katja and I show on the video below. Apologies for the video quality, but for uploading it’s easier if we reduce the quality.

After training we went out to the old rendang place and had another great and spicy dinner. Before we came to the warung, Katja noticed there was movement inside a “hall” we’ve passed several times before. We poked our heads inside, and there were a badminton game going on. We were immediately invited in to take a peek. Looking around in the hall we can quickly confirm that the standard of the Norwegian gyms and training halls are way better. But it is not the facilities that matter, but what you do with them.

Training hall in Bali

Training hall in Bali

We then went for a walk in new and uncharted territories after dinner. As you move 1-2 streets off the main road through Ubud, things changes dramatically. There are a lots of shops selling the same products, but the prices are a lot cheaper. It’s a lot of small places to get food, and the locals are using these, thereby showing that the prices are OK. So we had about an hours walk afterwards, and during that time we had the opportunity to visit at huge resort name Arma. We walked by and asked if we could take a look inside the area. We walked through small rice fields, bridges, along statues and passed nice rooms and what looked like a nice restaurant. And inside there we found stone sculptures that were really cool as well. Here is Katja posing with one of them. Guess who’s Katja…

Katja and her new friend

Katja and her new friend

Now we’re just¬†winding down in the room after another day in Ubud. The heat and humidity is no longer an issue, and we even think the evenings are getting a bit cold. Who would have thought?

Did you make anyone smile by being nice yesterday?

Be safe, be cool and stay frosty!

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