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When we are in Acro Yoga classes we are constantly reminded of the importance of trust. Today I felt it in a way that took me completely by surprise.

We started this morning with a legal dose of LSD here on Bali. All who know of Indonesia know they run a hard course on drugs (death penalty for smuggling), so it is only common sense to figure out I’m playing with words. We did a Long, Slow and Deep class with Les.

O h M y God!
We went into poses I did not know existed, with support of straps for getting “more into it”. Holy macaroni! The pain! But we looked at each other and fought through it. And behold! I could suddenly touch the floor with my palm and straight legs. Who would have thought that possible? Least of all me. It is painful in more ways than I can express, but seeing the result gives me the strength to go again, and again and again…
A little rest by the pool was in order after lunch before we went to another class of Acro yoga. Today I got to play with Rupert and Simone, two big guys from Australia and Italy. It was cool to have guys my own size to play with, ’cause that mean I can do some flying as well. And we did a couple of lift off’s and we made it out alive, all three of us. But it is quite hard to base a guy of about 100 kg. All the more credit to my previously mentioned friend Dennis, who have based me.
And to follow up from the opening statement of trust…
We are jamming (the cool expression for playing around with no set pieces or instructions. Just like in music. ) outside after class and I’m trying to get Katja to fly. As we are both rookies we are still struggling a bit with balance. This is mostly my fault as I struggle to keep straight legs with ankles above hips. If you’re smiling while reading this I dear you to lay down, stretch your legs in the air and feel your hamstrings. Yummy. Now imagine putting a set amount of kilos on there. Say a potato sack of 50 kg. that is what it feels like to a rookie like me. But it’s fun, and sometimes you just don’t know what’s gonna happen. As I lay there after yet another lift of Katja a woman approaches. She was not in class that had just ended, but she asked if she could play along, and if I wanted to base her. And I did. And here is the trust thing: she didn’t know me. I said I was a newbie and she smiled and told me that was ok. Then we just lifted off. And it was so cool! She is a petite woman and extremely well trained. She just told me where to place my feet and up we went. At one point I had her balancing on my arms alone. She stood straight up in the air with my hands holding her shoulders and her hands anchored in my forearms. I was so scared that I stopped breathing (no kidding), but even that she registered and calmly asked me to start breathing again. I got nice and valuable corrections in shoulder placement and there… After 45 seconds of newly formed friendship is she upside down in my hands on a wooden platform. That is trust! It is probably this way we should meet and greet all people. With the openness and trust, in stead of uncertainty and doubt. Easy to say, hard to do.
We played around with a few poses and Katja filmed one of them. A chart wheel entry to a hold where she is only balanced in my hands again. This time in a pose I can only dream of achieving myself. And for a few brief seconds she hanged there in perfect balance, and then… not – as the video shows. I even continued breathing this time.

After basing Karolina I tried Katja one more time, (and the following paragraph is cleared with her before posting. 🙂
When Karolina showed me how to place my feet on her hips, she said:”Put your ball of the foot on my hip bone.” Easy enough. When I later placed my feet on Katja I said:”Can you help me out here, please. I know I’m looking for the hip bones here, but they were easier to find on her…” And luckily we could both laugh at that. As the video may show, Karolina is all muscle, no fat.


Me rolling with Dennis and Karolina

Dennis basing, Karolina on top, Katja spotting

Dennis basing, Karolina on top, Katja spotting

But all these classes are taking their toll. So after an half hour play my shoulders were to sore and I had to call it a day. Tomorrow is another day where only Acro yoga is on the schedule and we’ll meet Karolina, Dennis and the others for more jamming.

After all this it was amazing to get an hour of massage this evening. Just being manhandled by hands and elbows into all those creeks and nooks. Dinner at a new local warung and now we are resting and getting ready for some more highly needed beauty sleep (talking about me).

Sleeping with the fish, or eating with the pigs?

Sleeping with the fish, or eating with the pigs?

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