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Acro crowd is growing

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Katja started the day with the morning flow with Bex. Later that day
Bex told us that this was how she got her teaching job at the yoga barn…

She told us that she had hung around and taken about every class for a period and wanted to teach. As they needed no new teachers that did not happened. Until there was a need for a sub one day and they said:”You know these classes so well, can you do it?”
And Voila! A new career was born. But Katja has no such ambitions (that I know of). Or?

Breakfast @ the room 21

Breakfast @ the room 21

As Katja returned we had breakfast in the room. A nice change from the restaurant where they play the local music every morning. The same song, every day. So peace and quiet for a change was relaxing. We went on to rent a motorbike and set out on the days adventure.
We had some more stuff to send home (will it never end?). This time it was coffee and tea. Mostly bought at the Kopi Luwak place (poop coffee), coffee from Anomali Coffee and teas. Mathias, I think I’m gonna need some consulting regarding purchase of a good coffee making equipment.

Then it was onwards to Anomali for a last (?) coffee and pastry there. It’s just sooooo gooooood.

Luwak painted on the wall @ Anomali Coffee

Luwak painted on the wall @ Anomali Coffee

Katja's collage from Anomali

Katja’s collage from Anomali

Then we went to the yoga barn for Acro yoga, the highlight of the day. We had a good crew this time with Dennis (US), Regie (NL/UK), Alpina (SU), Phil (AU), Ayelet (US), Anosh(AF), Diane (US) Joey, (?) Igor (RU). Phil was introduced for Acro in this class, and got a bit freaked out when we mentioned that there might be dancing as a part of the warm up. We are twin souls! But today we got off easy, there were no dancing. Puuuh!
We also had two new girls come to Acro who immediately proclaimed “we love it.” It was a really cool class, time flew and suddenly it was over. We jammed outside for over an hour afterwards. Playing out some transitions, even with the new girls. First timers and we made them do chair to throne to bird. To us it’s complicated so nicely done. And Regie based me doing some transitions. That was a milestone for him as he never been able to base solidly before. Kudos to Regie!

Regie - in different poses. Photos by Regie

Regie – in different poses. With Anosh, Katja and me.
Photo stolen shamelessly from Regie’s Facebook page

Ayelet is a level or five above us in this game, but is willingly sharing her knowledge. It’s very cool to base her, as she is informative and good at explanations. That makes us (the bases) do things we do not know we could.
Phil left for another class of Vinyasa and we exchange email addresses so that we can meet up in Perth if we all can find the time. Hopefully that will be the case.
After the jam we were pretty worn out, but showered, changed and took the motorbike to the Steakhouse. 280 grams steak with pepper sauce

Shirt, for the first time in Ubud

Shirt, for the first time in Ubud

and garlic mashed potatoes! Didn’t even have enough space for frozen yoghurt. Gonna get som Sunday night.

Charles Darwin said it like this:

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.

And Ghandi said:

Be the change you wanna see in the world

Humongen says:

Change is good!


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  1. Mr. Average says: I’m all for progress, it’s just these changes that I can’t stand,

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