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Easy like Sunday morning

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We had the Motorbike from the day before and started our Sunday special with breakfast at Paula’s cafe. This is where you’ll get the best bacon in town.

Real bacon

Real bacon

The Balinese are quite good chefs with pork as a base, but there are few places that serves a decent breakfast with crispy bacon. Paula’s are among them and we went back there a lot quicker this time. The hour and twenty minute walk was suddenly eight minutes on the bike.

Bacon transport

Bacon transport

After that we drove further north and just explored unchartered territories. Google maps is good but not up to date with all small roads around here. But we managed to cross over from east to west in the north and came down along one of the rivers. We stopped by a fancy hotel and took a coffee, just to take a look at it. You can get a nice room out of the city, but then you’re dependent on renting a bike every day. Having things in walking distance has been a treat for us. We will stay in the center of Ubud next time we’re here.

Do you hear the sound of Banjo from the porch?

Do you hear the sound of the banjo from the porch?

Then I drove Katja to the Sunday dance. since dancing is not among my “top 100 things to do, even if I am bored” I let her go by herself. she had a date with Regie, Alpina and Anosh, so she was in good company. They all came to the a veggie buffet both sweaty and hungry , so I guess they enjoyed it. I used the time to practice on my small guitar.
After the buffet it was our last Acro class for now. Carlos guided us through it and we jammed again afterward. Dennis and Ayelet came to the jam as well, and that gave several options on bases and flyers. Time flies in good company and we said goodbye to Regi. Hopefully we’ll see him again here in Ubud or in Shang Mai in Thailand. Regi had bought Alpina, Katja and me a going away present. That was very nice of him. I’m wearing it as this is written.

Dennis is also leaving Ubud the same day as we are and I guess it’s now Regi, Alpina and Anosh that will be the foundation of the Acro class for a while.

We ended The Easy Sunday by taking a last trip to La Ramona Restaurant. The one where we dined with Ida and Espen. It was still super good, and the chef continues to amaze me. It’s a must eat place in Ubud for anyone who goes there.

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

Mark Twain

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