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Sunday morning blues

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Up in the morning, eating. Breakfast and the checking out of the Beach box. The slogan around here is “Please, no mutiny when it’s time to leave!”

We’ve had some great days at Le Pirate at Nusa Lembongan and are glad we chose this over one of the Gili islands. I believe wholeheartedly that the Gili’s are nice, but Lembongan and Ceningan have a lot to offer. We liked it, as we had both beach time and activities inland and offshore.

One scooter - complete family

One scooter – complete family

Spending a day in Kuta, (the armpit of Bali) is enough. The place is anything you expect from anywhere in the world overrun by tourists. The street salesmen are pushy, the shops sell junk in all flavors, there’s Bintang for breakfast and generally noisy and gritty. In danger of seeming pretentious, this is not the kind of places we’ll be spending our days.

Yesterday was a big ceremonial day around here.

This ought to makes the gods happy?

This ought to makes the gods happy?

It’s hard to get a grip on why, but both on Bali and Lembongan there was big religious activity. That means that today (Sunday) is some kind of holiday, and it was crowded on the beach. It looked like all he locals wanted to take a swim today. It’s cool to see they have days and time of to enjoy the water, as we tourists do every day.

Locals enjoying time off

Locals enjoying time off

And on the last night on Bali the Bali belly appears. After eating roadside for weeks without getting any digestive trouble, it obviously takes just one trip to Hard Rock Cafe. This night has been bad. and now at breakfast time we aim for a table near the toilets. This is the day we fly to Perth so it matches beautifully with our itinerary. Pills are taken, we’ll ride this one out also. Oh, and the worst part is to sit and watch the others dive into the breakfast buffet with bacon, omelet station, pancakes and al sorts of yummy stuff. But my yoghurt was nice.

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