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A Maze ing

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Water park

Water park

We went to another park today, and it was even more kids there. This was a park with a lot of attractions and is still being built out further. It has a water park for the kids, but we were there for the mazes. And what mazes they were.

All are made for people of all sizes and are to be walked into. It was fun in the first one, but from number two we really had to think. I did not make them all, I admit, but it was good fun.


Water tower for drinking and bottle refill

Water tower for drinking and bottle refill

After the maze Mike went to the doctor while we walked around in Vincent, a part of Perth. It was a little old school part of town where I think they could have recorded Back to the future. One thing we found was a water bottle refill tower. This is doing something that can actually reduce waste. We should have these around in Oslo where the water is pure and clean. Use of reusable bottles can make a huge different in plastic waste.

At dinner time we made kangaroo steak and a lot of greens. Then we drank beer. Lots of it. Makesh foor baed wrighting…

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