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Perth downtown

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Saturday started with a walk on the beach. Damien does this every other day, and Katja has joined him two times already this week.

I got along this morning and we had a nice, but overcast, walk. It was a lot of people there, but less than it would have been if the weather was better.

After breakfast we hitched ride with Damien to Kings Park. It’s a huge park overlooking the city. We started out with a walk in the Botanical garden. It’s a nice park with lots of people using it on a Saturday. There where young and old alike with picnic blankets and food. And there were a lot of people paying respect to the fallen troopers. The memorial for WWI and later wars were all there in the same place. Australia are a silent giant in many ways when it comes to contributing to world peace missions.

We went by Jacob’s ladder on the way down toward the city. A set of stairs obviously used by people training. Jacob’s ladder is as old as the Old Testament. It’s from the Genesis and is referring to a stairway to heaven in a dream. I guess you can relate to the feeling of heaven when you’re finally finished with the steps.

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

Down to the river we go… Swan river separates the two sides of the city, and we moved down to it and crossed the walkway over the highway. Well into the city is was not much happening. The CBD (Central Business District) is not very active on weekends. We passed through that and moved towards the Lucky Shag. My Norwegian friends might smile at that name, but shame on you! A shag is a bird… A water bird to be specific.
Down at the harbor we found the place crowded. Right next door they where making ready for the October Fest on a rather large outdoor arena. The place was crawling with “Germans” so we moved into the city towards the two stretches of street that carries the stores and thereby the weekend warriors of Perth.

After lunch Katja got her hair cut. A happier woman was hard to find in the neighborhood. A bit more of walking before a shirt train ride back towards Darch (the name of the suburb we live in). Now it’s BBQ time again, and all but me are preparing food. My skills are best used elsewhere for everybody’s benefit.

Tomorrow will be a long day. We will attend two courses in martial arts club management. The first on the business side of the club, the second about instructor training.
Directly from these courses we move along to a Fight Night to see some Muy Thai fighting. A friend of Mike’s wife is fighting on the women’s main card, so we look forward to that.


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