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A day with Dave Korvan

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When the dates for our Australian stay was confirmed we got an invitation from Mike. An American martial arts specialist was in town. This we had to join up for.
Dave is a club owner with more than 2700 members. He’s graded more than 350 black belts and have 700 of them still training. He was in Perth to give to half day seminars. One on club ownership and management, the other on Instructor training. We had signed up for both.
We did a theoretical first half of the day. A lot to learn of recruitment strategies, straight out of the starting block. From there we moved to retention of members. Another very interesting and educational session. Last out we talked about staff training, and some of it may be transferred to how we run clubs in Norway. Because there are big differences on that arena. The club where we were today holds 800 members, with two branches clubs with a total of 350 more. 18 people in full time employment, and a structure for sale and management unlike any I have seen in Norway. But a lot is alike anyway, you need new members and you want to retain the once you already have.

After lunch we did another 3,5 hours of instructor training. With role play, sharing of experience and a lot of laughter did the hours melt away. We are left with a bag full of tricks.

From there we left straight for the Epic Fight Night in Perth. Muy Thai fighting for theorist of the evening. We got in for fight number 8 and got to see 7 fights. It was cool and there were a couple of heavy knock outs. Australia’s best female fighter is from Perth and went up against a girl from Thailand. It ended halfway through the fourth round. A shin kick to the head gave a nasty KO. We saw the Thai girl later, and she seemed fine.

Back home and wrapping things up. Tomorrow we go on a road trip.

 “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

– Maria Robinson

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