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Up amongst the tree tops

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After a good nights sleep we packed the bags, stuffed the car full (remember we do drive a Micra), checked out and headed for the tree tops. 53 metes high, to be exact.

Parrot feeding in the morning at Margaret River

Parrot feeding in the morning at Margaret River

Before we set course for the tree tops we drove due west and looked at the ocean at Prevelly. There are great surfs around here and we went to take a look at them. The drive was easy and with little traffic around. A mantra that would last out the day. The surfs were great, but the wind was heavy and it was quite chilly to walk out there. We took our mandatory photos and moved on in direction of coffee.

Why do people always cut your feet for putting in unnecessary sky in the pictures? Aaaargh!

Why do people always cut your feet for putting in unnecessary sky in the pictures? Aaaargh!

We wanted to go back to yesterday’s coffee tasting place, but they did not open until 9. Aaargh, we wanted to buy some beans there as well, but did not want to waste time waiting. We stopped at Witchville and got coffee at Cookie Galore, instead. A lot of things in that last sentence should make you think we’re in Hansel and Gretchen adventure…
Then we set a course for the Leeuwin lighthouse. We got down there and looked, but did not enter into it. It was enough to look at it from afar and take some photos of it in the distance. We would get enough height later.

From there we aimed for Gloucester tree. It’s the second highest fire watching tree in Australia, and probably in the world. It’s 53 meters up to the uppermost platform. Those who know me well know I’m not a big fan of heights. It’s been my Kryptonite for years and I’ve wanted to do something about that. And what do you do with you’re fears? Face them! So I had decided long before we got there that I would climb this tree. No matter what. Thank you very much, stubbornness and machismo. The climb is not done on steps like a ladder. It’s steel rods planted in the tree. There is a sign that says you need decent shoes; No flip flops or sandals. When we then had to go back to the car to change shoes it seemed like someone was trying to make me fail. But with Katja there as nervous as myself we set about the quest for the top. I went up first with Katja right behind. I even managed to take out the camera and take a picture of Katja and the view during the climb.


One step- remember to breath – one more step – did I remember to breathe? – one more step – well you get the picture. We made it all the way up. Took some photos and started back down. This pic that Katja took of me from above gives a good indication on my stress level. My knuckles are almost reaching up to the camera. But we made it down and were extremely satisfied with ourselves.
As we waited a few minutes before driving along we got company of a lot of parrots. Different sizes and colors. They live in the wild and it would be wrong to feed them. But being so close to these birds is just amazing.

A little red parrot, begging for food

A little red parrot, begging for food

Now it’s lunch time and we stopped in Pemberton at an award winning bakery. The chef bakes the bread and makes sandwiches with what ever you want. Luck would have it that we stopped here for everything else in Pemberton is closed at lunch time.

The sandwiches was really good

The sandwiches were really good

In to the car and another long drive. This time with The Valley of Giants as next stop. We got there just in time to do it all before they closed. And it was awesome. This part of Australia has a large tree sort, Red Tingle, that only grows around here. The platform you’re walking on goes up to 40 meters above ground, literally to the tree tops. We did the walk, and afterwards we did a ground walk with some informational signs. It’s mind blowing that these huge trees have very shallow roots. They grow up in the surface and makes them very fragile for people trampling around them. It is therefor very good that this park had been built to take care of these wonderful trees. To relay in words how huge they are is not within my reach, but the car we drive could easily been parked inside these. And with a age of about 400 years on the trees they are really worth taking care of.

After our tour here we went to Elephant rocks and the Green pools. Elephant rocks are what it sounds like. A bunch of rocks that looks like an elephant herd. We walked from there along the stones down to the Green pools. It is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Crisp white sands with no rocks or small stones in it. Smoothed out by endless waves. We came a bit late for viewing them at their greenest, but it was still an extremely beautiful place. It was quite windy, up to a point where the sand whipped our legs as we walked there. So at this day it would not be pleasant to lie down and enjoy the beach itself. If it is like this all the time, I do not know. But there were swimmers there who seemed to be exercising, and it looked like they enjoyed the water immensely.


Humongen & The Blue Rat

Humongen & The Blue Rat

We fueled the little blue rat in Denmark and asked if the gas attendant knew of a good place to eat. We were pointed in the direction of “The Tavern”, but Lady Luck intervened. A park ranger had heard my question and addressed us outside and asked if we got a good tip. We relayed what the attendant said, and she gave us a better choice. We drove “just around the corner” and had dinner, ribs for Humongen and lamb shank for Katja, at Castelli Estate. It was one of the best meals in Australia so far.

Welcome to Denmark! Special greetings to Mette.

Welcome to Denmark! Special greetings to Mette.

The darkness had fallen over the land as we got outside and started driving towards Perth. We wanted to cover some ground tonight instead of doing all the kilometers tomorrow. We aimed for Mount Barker, and then we would see how we felt. Driving in Australia is basically a matter of not falling asleep and not hitting wild animals. The roads are very straight and in the nighttime it’s even more visible as the taillight of the car in front of you disappear and reappear in front of you. There is little traffic though, so there is no stress driving during evening and nights. At one point it struck me: We live in all this light pollution. Everywhere we go there is light of some sort. This takes away any real possibility to see the stars. So on one long dark stretch of road we stopped the car and killed the engine and all light. Went outside, and just gazed up at the stars. It was out of this life! It was an overwhelming amount of stars. And they shine so bright! It was a moment in time we gonna carry for a long long time.

The most common view on the road. Total emptiness

The most common view on the road. Total emptiness.

We kept going as we passed through Mount Baker. Katja blinked and missed the place all together. We then took another 100 km and aimed for Kojonup. It was on the map and thereby, by our expectations, it was a town. Well, it was, to a degree.
We arrived in Kojonup at 21:00 and it was a small small town. It holds 2145 citizens and everything seems to close at 17:00.

Shall we believe the TV is made in China?

Shall we believe the TV is made in China?

We found a pub and could have gotten a room there, but ended at another motel. After a detour to the caravan park. The motel room was better than expected and had a large tv of a brand I’ve never seen before. The bed was good, the sheets soft and I was tired. Lights out with no further ado.





     As a child, learn good manners.

As a young man, learn to control your passions.

In middle age, be just.

In old age, give good advice.

Then die, without regret.

– Clearchus of Soli

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Humongen! The big guy! The man, the myth, the legend! And then theres' me. The nice guy in the house. The man without cooking skills, but with five stars on the Playstation. Boss at work, relaxed at home. What you see is what you get. Life is good. I choose it to be.

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  1. Hej treehuggers. Jeg takker for særlig hilsen. Jep, smukke kvinder i shorts 😊 og farvestrålende fugle – fuldstændig som Danmark i oktober….

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