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After waking up in Kojonup Katja decided to go for a walkabout. As the designated driver I chose to sleep in.
Katja took some pictures of Kojonup, but in all honesty- there wasn’t that much to take pictures of. The city is as small as expected after driving through it last night. We are at a motel in the northern part of town (that’s in one end of the Main Street). The motel was called Hill-view Motel. Creative, as we saw no hill and certainly no view.

Most exciting picture in the morning

Most exciting picture in the morning

We did breakfast at the motel and were surprised by the quality. They made Humongen a biiiig breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages and tomatoes on toast. Katja chose the healthier version and did wheetbix with milk. I’m guess that pretty much sums the two of us up.

The "wagon" @ Kojonup

The “wagon” @ Kojonup

We asked the waitress what we should see between here and Perth. She thinks for a second or two and start laughing. “There’s not that much to see, but there is a giant ram on the way…”
As we drove of we can safely say she got it right. There is not much to see on that strip. But we did find a sign to the Giant Ram. We did a detour of 60 km to go see it. The little place, Wagin, was known for two things ; the Wool-a-rama and the Giant Ram. As the pictures show the Ram is giant. It is 9 times the size of a normal ram and weighs a whole lot of kilos. What some town and people won’t do to attract attention.

The Giant Ram

The Giant Ram

From there we drove straight to Perth. We were getting aggressively hungry and needed something to eat. We came over the hills down to Armadale, a suburb of Perth. The choice of restaurants were disturbingly narrow. It was McDonalds, Hungry Jack’s (Australian Burger King) and KFC on every corner. Not a single decent place to get a meal. We swallowed both pride and anger and set a course for Fremantle. We later learned that Armadale is a less fortunate suburb and it all shows to well that poorer people get poorer choice of food.
We found the South Beach hotel and had a great lunch there.

Thai beef salad @ South Beach Hotel

Thai beef salad @ South Beach Hotel

We then went down to the beach and laid reading and dozing for a bit over an hour. After the beach time we went to “our” cafe in Fremantle, Yocal, and had a Flat White, and Katja just had to have a croissant.

South Beach

South Beach

Then it was time to head for Mike’s club for some training. We’re getting good at navigating in Perth now. We use the iPad for a gps and have no trouble finding the way. Getting it online on the tele network will be our next goal, as it will make it easier to recalculate routes when we take a wrong turn.
We arrived at the club with heaps of time to spare. We chilled in the car for 40 minutes and then walked in to get ready for training. We did 2 hours of Panantukan (boxing) with a slight touch of Sikaran (kicks). I was dead beat after these to hours. My hands were shaking and I had no brain function (OK,Ok- some of you think that’s the normal status). I passed up on the last hour of double stick with double mirrors of Inayan Sinewali’s. I wold not be able to hold the sticks, much less know how to move them. I guess the driving took more out of me than I thought. But as I believe in Karma I got a good piece of cake and a Gatorade. Justin had his birthday and there were cake served. That helped and I just laid on the couch waiting for the training to end.

After training we went back to Mike’s and made dinner, talked about what we had seen and experienced before crashing of to bed. We are still early into bed and seldom later than 22:00. This means we still get up in the morning to get the most out of daylight.

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Humongen! The big guy! The man, the myth, the legend! And then theres' me. The nice guy in the house. The man without cooking skills, but with five stars on the Playstation. Boss at work, relaxed at home. What you see is what you get. Life is good. I choose it to be.

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